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Process:Alum bar heating machine-Raw material extrusion-Aging-Precision cutting-Full inspection-Package-Delivery

Mold:Alum extrusion mold,Mold open cycle 18 days

Application:BYD automoblie car heatsink

  • Min.Order Quantity: 1000 Piece/Pieces
  • Supply Ability: 10000000 Piece/Pieces per Month
  • Accepted Delivery Terms: FOB, CIF, EXW, Express Delivery
  • Accepted Payment Type: T/T, Western Union, Cash
  • Accepted Delivery Terms: shenzhen, huizhou, hongkong
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    Aluminum Heatsink Extrusion


    Description We use high-precision aluminum extrusion extruder and high-purity 6063 aluminum rods, through customized processing of profile molds, producing various types of heatsinks
    Processing Alum bar heating machine-Raw material extrusion-Aging-Precision cutting-Full inspection-Package-Delivery
    Application BYD automoblie car heatsink
    NW  2.8g
    Mold  Alum extrusion mold
    LT  18 days
    Type  OEM Parts
    Mass production Lead time 4weeks


    Aluminum heat sink extrusion, rich industry experience, whole-process intimate service, small tooth spacing, dense tooth, large power;Aluminum extrusion, looking for China technology [only do aluminum profile customization] more than 10 years of production customization experience.

     What is the extrusion process of aluminum extrusion radiator?

    1. The first aluminum rod must be 150-200mm short aluminum rod or pure aluminum rod when testing the aluminum extrusion mold with high density teeth and large tongue ratio.

    2. Before mold test, the extrusion center of the aluminum extruder must be adjusted, and the extrusion shaft, ingot holder and mold holder outlet should be on a center line.

    Iii. During mold test and normal production, the heating temperature of aluminum bar should be guaranteed to be between 480-520℃.

    Iv. The heating temperature of aluminum mold shall be controlled at 480℃ according to the conventional mold temperature. The insulation time of the flat mold with the diameter of less than 200mm shall not be less than 2 hours.Mold with diameter greater than 200mm is insulated for 4-6 hours to ensure the uniformity of mold core temperature and external temperature.

    V. before mold test or production, the inner tank of the ingot cylinder must be cleaned with a clear cylinder pad and the empty operation of the extruder must be checked.

    Vi. At the beginning of mold test or production, the automatic transmission of the extruder is turned off and the switches of each section are returned to zero.Slowly start from the minimum pressure, discharge about 3-5 minutes, mainly control the pressure during the aluminum filling process.The pressure should be controlled within 100Kg/cm2, and the ammeter data should be within 2-3a. Generally, 80-120kg /cm2 can be discharged, and then it can be accelerated slowly. During normal production, the extrusion speed should be determined by the pressure less than 120Kg/cm2.

    Seven, aluminum alloy profile mold in the process of mold test or production, such as the phenomenon of blocking, teeth, speed and slow deviation is too large to stop immediately, and in the way of point return mold discharge, to avoid mold scrap.

    Viii. In the process of mold test or aluminum production, the discharge port must be unobstructed and the backing or clamping device should be relaxed according to the discharge condition.Observe and find abnormal conditions at any time, timely treatment, the shutdown to stop immediately.

    Nine, in the process of straightening, to seriously detect the changes before and after, the operation of standard, moderate force, strict assurance of product quality.

    Ten, according to the production plan of aluminum requirements of a reasonable ruler, saw saw feed speed should not be too fast, to avoid the end of the wound, the end must be pliers, remove the flash and burr.




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    The main process shows as below

    6063 round bar

    Step 1:6063 round bar Ø100*350MM

    Natural gas environmental protection aluminum rod heating furnace

    Step 2:Natural gas environmental protection aluminum rod heating furnace

    Electromagnetic mold heating furnace

    Step 3:Electromagnetic mold heating furnace

    1000 tons of high-precision profile extruder

    Step 4:1000 tons of high-precision profile extruder

    Natural gas environmental protection aluminum aging  furnace

    Step 5:Natural gas environmental protection aluminum aging furnace

    Double-rail type automatic sawing machine

    Step 6:Double-rail type automatic sawing machine

    “Our 40,000 square meters facility has the capabilities to meet all your extrusion aluminum, logo plates,precision stamping needs coupled with multiple fabrication options to produce high-quality products solutions. ”

    ― WEIHUA

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