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Metal nameplate encyclopedia, click here to let you fully understand in 5 minutes ~

Metal nameplate  in the modern society in each field more and more, widely used in all kinds of electrical appliances, audio, luggage, door industry, furniture, machinery equipment, computer cases and other industries;Metal nameplate production, nameplate materials: copper, aluminum, stainless steel, zinc alloy, titanium, nickel and other raw materials as the basis, through stamping, die casting, etching, printing, enamel, enamel, baking paint, drip plastic, electroplating and other processes produced.Common metal sign production mainly includes metal flat sun sign, metal screen sign, metal corrosion sign, metal electroplating and metal electroforming nameplate, metal heat transfer sign and metal sandblasting sign.

The following customized nameplate manufacturers have summarized some information about the metal nameplate, hoping to help you better understand the metal nameplate ~

The metal nameplate is a metal plate that USES photosensitive plate to dissolve different colors into the film and make it appear on the metal plate by means of development, so as to achieve the purpose of illustration.

Why is metal nameplate the preferred trademark for home appliance ... Metal nameplate is one of the most commonly used trademarks in the market of home appliance products at present. Let's follow the nameplate manufacturer — Weihua Technology to ...

Disadvantages of traditional printing: Traditional silk-screen printing and pad printing ... is to make up for the old technology, I believe that laser marking metal nameplate is better!

Its production technology can not only be made into various types of nameplates, but also can make some exquisite ... The following is a detailed understanding of the nameplate maker

Metal signage is mainly based on copper, iron, aluminum, zinc alloy, lead-tin alloy and other raw materials, through stamping, die-casting, etching, printing, enamel, enamel, enamel, baking paint and other processes;How to distinguish the different metal nameplates?

The nameplate material aluminum and its alloy suffer pitting corrosion in the medium containing halogen ion, which is related to the state of the oxide film, the existence of the second phase, the annealing temperature and time of the alloy.If the material iron of the nameplate is in a blunt state and there

The metal logo nameplates produced by Weihua Technology Company are widely used in electronic and digital products, household appliances, leather goods, packaging gift boxes, earphones, mobile phone cases, car keys, golf clubs nameplates, furniture and other products.

Metal nameplate is a product widely used in various fields of modern society. However, many workers who are just engaged in metal nameplate making are not familiar with the knowledge of metal nameplate making. For example, how to deal with the surface of metal nameplate when making metal nameplate?

After the metal nameplate is made, it needs to be installed and fixed on the product. The relatively simple and easy installation method is to use the nameplate adhesive.

From the sign-nameplate-nameplate logo, what are the reasons for the changes in these terms and what is the definition of nameplate?The nameplate maker has sorted out some information below for your reference.

Heat transfer metal nameplate is a special plate generated by the surface ...

Several common methods of making metal nameplates: Metal nameplateproduction ... 

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