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After the metal nameplate is made, it needs to be installed and fixed on the product. The relatively simple and easy installation method is to use the nameplate adhesive.


Double-sided adhesive tape can be processed according to the shape of the nameplate and then pasted to the nameplate.

Some printed and molded nameplates can be compounded with double-sided adhesive tape and then punched. This technique will save a lot of time and cost of manual adhesive tape.

After the nameplate is glued, it can be installed and fixed on the product by tearing the double-sided adhesive backing paper, which is very convenient to use.

Type of nameplate adhesive?

Double-sided adhesive tape can be used selectively according to different nameplates and quality requirements.

1. High-priced double-sided adhesive tape:

Features: strong stickiness, long retention time, can be used in the outdoor for a long time not easy to fall off.

Such as: import 3M double-sided adhesive tape, followed by acrylic foam tape, more suitable for car nameplates and decorative parts.

2. Low and medium price double-sided adhesive tape:

Features: viscosity and use time will be a little bit poor, it is not recommended to use in the outdoor product nameplate.

Such as: sponge glue, crown double-sided glue and so on

Commonly used in: electrical appliances, machinery, computers, furniture, security doors, aquariums, wardrobes, kitchenware, audio, TV and other small goods nameplates.

Warm tips:

When choosing the performance of metal nameplate adhesive, we should decide according to the actual demand of the product and the use period, so as to save and control the cost as much as possible.

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