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Metal signage is mainly based on copper, iron, aluminum, zinc alloy, lead-tin alloy and other raw materials, through stamping, die-casting, etching, printing, enamel, enamel, enamel, baking paint and other processes;How to distinguish the different metal nameplates?The following is a detailed understanding of the nameplate manufacturer:

Common metal nameplates:

Stamping nameplate

The material of stamping nameplate is metal, which has a strong three-dimensional sense, and the surface of the nameplate is convex and concave.

Stamping the nameplate needs to open mold, suitable for mass production.But stamping plate also has its disadvantages, such as the pattern and color is relatively simple, can not do gradient.

Some of the stamping nameplates are also known as high-gloss nameplates, high-gloss aluminum nameplates and so on.

Etching nameplate

Evenly on stainless steel plate on the drawing of a corrosion resistant layer of photosensitive ink, and in the above we put a piece of film negative, using ultraviolet light exposure, the transparent part of film negative will be after the uv light will react and photosensitive ink, weak alkaline resistant coating, on the black part of the photosensitive ink film negative is not resistant to weak base.

After removing the film film, soak the stainless steel plate in the weakly alkaline sodium carbonate solution, the coating for the weak-alkali resistant part will chemically react with the sodium carbonate solution and come off, and the metal in these areas will be exposed, and the stainless steel plate will show a pattern.With a layer of anti-corrosion protective film on the opposite side of the it, put it in the etching machine, with ferric chloride solution erosion exposed on the surface of the stainless steel plate, the ferric iron ions in ferric chloride solution quickly oxidation, this part etching stainless steel plate, we use the macro photography can clearly see that partial etching stainless steel plate was down.

Etched nameplates, such as tool plates, sales plates and some complete machine equipment, are marked with concave adhesive film dyeing signs. The process is simple, the cost is low, the color is bright, and it should be dyed into multiple colors.

Offset printing plate

Offset nameplate with strong graphic expression, can be made into a variety of colors and levels, bright colors, fast sun, high efficiency, suitable for mass production, adapt to a variety of materials processing, and can be combined with a variety of processes electronic industrial products, instrument panel, instrument calibration, etc..

Metal label (including metal screen label)

A monomer with a metal thickness of about 0.05MM.

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