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Name: Electroformed nickel thick nameplate

Type:Electroformed nameplate

Size:52*27mm;at your requested size


Process:Material cutting +electroformed +painting+polishing+full inspection+package

There are many types of metal name badges, such as custom silk-printed signs, stamping signs, forging signs, anodized signs, brushing signs, engraved signs, CD pattern signs, high gloss signs, spray signs, etching signs and electroforming signs, etc.

  • Min.Order Quantity: 1000 Piece/Pieces
  • Supply Ability: 10000000 Piece/Pieces per Month
  • Accepted Delivery Terms: FOB, CIF, EXW, Express Delivery
  • Accepted Payment Type: T/T, Western Union, Cash
  • Accepted Delivery Terms: shenzhen, huizhou, hongkong
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    The best and most trouble-free electroforming signs:

    Speaking of electroforming signs, professional signs, hardware industry engineering, business and technical personnel have long been familiar with electroformed logo, but for non-industry personnel may be relatively unfamiliar. Now, our HUIZHOU WEIHUA TECHNOLOGY will show you some details of electroforming signs for you.


    The meaning of electroforming signs:

    Electroforming sign generally refers to a sign made of nickel, then plated with silver or gold, or plated with copper. It is currently considered to be the most high-end logo.The electroforming signs are divided into four layers, the bottom layer is the glue barrier, the second layer is glue, the third layer is the electroforming signs we use, and the fourth layer is composed of a transparent protective film on the surface of the electroforming signs. The surface can be matte or shiny, and the surface can be brushed.


    Features of electroforming signs:

    1. The degree of environmental pollution is light, no corrosion is required, so it will not cause etching pollution.

    2. The process is simple. The electroforming signs do not need any molds, so there is no need to worry about paying high mold costs to make a sign. All the craftsmanship can be completed with a delicate, high-end, high-gloss film. Electroforming signs. Save time, trouble and money.

    3. The sample production time is fast, generally only 1-2 days to complete the sample

    4. The equipment is simple, the whole production process only needs to use a screen printing platform, baking box, exposure machine, electroplating tank and other basic equipment

    5. Less materials, because there is no need for any additional carrier, so the same size of metal sign, the material consumed is 1/7 less than the sign made by the concave-convex etching process.


    Height requirements for electroforming signs:

    The ideal height of the electroformed nickel sign is generally below 3mm, and the raised part is between 0.4 and 0.7mm. At the same time, the height or depth of the font should not exceed 0.3mm, so that the sign will be more beautiful.


    Installation method of electroforming signs:

    Generally use strong self-adhesive for pasting, strong weather resistance, very strong and durable.


    Application scope of electroforming signs:

    Generally used in various household appliances, furniture, such as washing machine logo, refrigerator logo, oven logo, microwave oven logo, air conditioner logo, dishwasher logo, bread maker logo, computer logo, audio logo, perfume bottle logo, wine bottle logo, etc. , The use of electroforming signs will make your products more high-end and magnificent, and the cost will be brand-recognizable. Because electroforming signs have strong gloss, and will reflect different gloss effects according to different angles.


    Classification of electroforming signs:

    There are two main types of electroforming signs: thick electroforming and thin electroforming (also called nickel plate). In daily life, the application of electroformed nickel signs is very common. The electroformed nickel label is made of nickel sheet casting and plating, the thickness is between 0.03mm~0.1mm (this depends on the customer's requirements), the surface is smooth, flawless, and the accuracy is accurate. It is firmly pasted with strong 3M glue. It's very convenient.


    Electroforming sign material, adhesive and surface effect:

    The main materials are nickel, brass, gold and chromium; the commonly used adhesives are 3M 7533/3M 9448/3M 467/ 3M468 / hot melt adhesive, etc.; there are many colors available, mainly according to customer needs, usually silver/black/ yellow gold/rose gold/champagne gold; the usual surface effects are bright surface effect, brushing effect, sandblasting effect, reticulate effect and CD effect.


    the production process of electroforming signs:

    The process of electroforming signs is relatively simple, mainly produced by electroforming, without any molds, and only one film in the entire production process. Save money and time. After the production unit receives the order, it can usually produce samples on the same day and produce products within a few days. Approximate process: drawing-film output-electroforming-color plating-film application-glue application-slitting-packaging-shipment.

    The main process shows as below

    Alum plate

    Step 1:Alum plate

    Printing mesh-plate maker

    Step 2:Printing mesh-plate maker

    Every kind of colored paint

    Step 3:Every kind of colored paint

    Dust-free printing workshop

    Step 4:Dust-free printing workshop

    Professional inspector and packaging workers

    Step 7:Professional inspector and packaging workers

    Print each kind of graphics

    Step 5:Print each kind of graphics

    Industry oven, hi-temp, low-temp, constant temp

    Step 6:Industry oven, hi-temp, low-temp, constant temp

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