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The metal nameplate is a metal plate that USES photosensitive plate to dissolve different colors into the film and make it appear on the metal plate by means of development, so as to achieve the purpose of illustration.

The following is the specific technological process and formula of several metal sunning nameplates that are often exposed to (technological process of sunning nameplates):

Flat aluminum nameplate: it adopts the method of photosensitive plate making to insert different pigments into the film so that the characters and patterns appear on the metal plate, thus achieving the metal nameplate with explanatory significance.

1) Material:

The size of wool is generally larger than that of plate making (more than 5mm). The surface of the board is smooth and smooth without pits.

2) Pretreatment:

Polishing drawing processing oxidation and other methods.

3) Water seal:

The treated board, after removing oil and film, quickly immersed in water and do not contact with air.

4) Glue:

Configuration of glue solution.Glue :200-230 grams of water :1000ml, boiling water for 2 hours to fully dissolve the glue. When the temperature drops to 30-50℃, add photosensitizer (ammonium bicarbonate)25-30 grams, then evenly spread the glue on the metal plate, and dry it for later use.

5) Printing:

SB750 vacuum printing machine can be used for photosensitive printing. Take the lamp for 60-90cm for 40-80 seconds, and put it in warm water for developing for 1 minute and put it in color solution for dyeing.

6) Bartender light:

After fully dyed brands are dried, paint with a brush or airbrush (eye or non-baking finish is usually used).

7) Cut into.

The flat sun nameplate is generally used on indoor articles, small household appliances and equipment not affected by bad weather.The advantages are simple plate-making process, fast speed, timely delivery, and low defect rate.The disadvantage is that the sun and rain, easy to fade.No outdoor signs.

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