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Huizhuo Weihua Technology has the expertise to meet all of our customers’ requirements in the production of extrusion parts. We provide best solutions for very difficult aluminum enclosure and can offer whole process of custom cnc or cnc machining for metal aluminum profiles. Whether our clients need colorful sandblasting & anodized aluminum extrusion case/outer shell or laser engraving aluminum profiles, extremely high end tolerances miniature custom aluminum extrusion profiles, we all can handle and finished.

  • Min.Order Quantity: 1000 Piece/Pieces
  • Supply Ability: 10000000 Piece/Pieces per Month
  • Accepted Delivery Terms: FOB, CIF, EXW, Express Delivery
  • Accepted Payment Type: T/T, Western Union, Cash
  • Accepted Delivery Terms: shenzhen, huizhou, hongkong
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    We can also have the various available alloys for the manufacturing of aluminum extrusion profiles, such as 5052, 6061, 6063,7075 and more. And we also can reach sandblasting & anodized extruded metal parts, brushed aluminum profiles, cnc aluminum housing,aluminum items with lasering letters and polishing aluminum products.

    Product Details

    Name: Power bank aluminum extrusion housing
    Type: Miniature extruded aluminum
    Size: At your requested size
    Material: AL6061/ AL 6063
    Process: Aluminum extrued+CNC machining++Sandblasting/Anodizing+Laser craving+Full inspection+Delivery  
    Application: Suitable for power bank aluminum extrusion outer shell

    To complete the e-cigarette shell, which kind of processes needed ?

    Die opening - aluminum extruding - saw cutting -CNC machining - polishing - grinding - brushing - cleaning - quality inspection - packaging -shipment

    Process details


    The newly extruded e-cigarette is generally 6 meters long, and then the e-cigarette shell of different lengths is sawn according to the size requirements from customer's drawing .

    CNC machining

    The length size of the sawing machine is generally not up to the tolerance size of the drawing. At this point we have to put the materials one by one on the CNC machine for confidential processing (including length tolerances and various shapes - chamfering, drilling, opening Windows, etc, and even some products have to be punched with a punching die to get the shape you want.

    Polishing grinding

    Generally refers to the use of rough objects (sandpaper containing high hardness particles, etc.) to change the physical properties of the material surface through friction processing method, the main purpose is to obtain a specific surface roughness.

    According to the product surface fineness degree can choose cloth wheel, nylon wheel, hemp wheel, water grinding process. Product surface requirements are not very high with cloth wheel, nylon wheel grinding, if the requirements are high must use hemp wheel or even water mill.


    Is the use of brushing cloth reciprocating movement, friction back and forth on the surface of the workpiece surface roughness to improve a method, the surface texture is linear, can improve the surface quality and to cover the surface slight scratches

    In order to overcome the defects of surface hardness and wear resistance of aluminum alloy, expand the application range and extend the service life, surface treatment technology has become an indispensable link in the use of aluminum alloy, and anodic oxidation technology is the most widely used and most successful one at present.

    Aluminum anodized

    Anodic oxidation of aluminum is an electrolytic oxidation process. During this process, the surface of aluminum and aluminum alloys is usually converted into an oxide film, which has protective, decorative and other functional properties.

    Surface sandblasting

    It is the process of cleaning and roughening the surface of the substrate by the impact of the high-speed sand flow, so that the surface of the workpiece can obtain a certain degree of cleanliness and different roughness.


    After conductive treatment of aluminum pieces will adhere to a layer of oxide film then placed in the color cylinder can be colored.

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    The main process shows as below

    6063 round bar

    Step 1:6063 round bar Ø100*350MM

    Natural gas environmental protection aluminum rod heating furnace

    Step 2:Natural gas environmental protection aluminum rod heating furnace

    Electromagnetic mold heating furnace

    Step 3:Electromagnetic mold heating furnace

    1000 tons of high-precision profile extruder

    Step 4:1000 tons of high-precision profile extruder

    Natural gas environmental protection aluminum aging  furnace

    Step 5:Natural gas environmental protection aluminum aging furnace

    Double-rail type automatic sawing machine

    Step 6:Double-rail type automatic sawing machine

    “Our 40,000 square meters facility has the capabilities to meet all your extrusion aluminum, logo plates,precision stamping needs coupled with multiple fabrication options to produce high-quality products solutions. ”

    ― WEIHUA

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