The characteristics of aluminum extrusion process are introduced | WEIHUA

Aluminum extrusion is one of the processing techniques for the parts with no and less chip, which means that the metal blank is put into the mold cavity under the cold state, and the metal is forced to extrude from the mold cavity under the action of strong pressure and certain speed, so as to obtain the desired shape, size and extrusion with certain mechanical properties.

Aluminum extrusion process features:

1. Save raw materials.

2. Increase labor productivity.

3. The desired surface roughness and dimensional accuracy can be obtained.

4. Improve the mechanical properties of parts, can process complex shapes, reduce the cost of parts.

The above is the introduction of aluminum extrusion process characteristics, I hope you will like ~ we provide professional:miniature aluminum extrusion,heat sink extrusion;Welcome to consult ~

Post time: Sep-28-2020