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Nameplate logo, as the name suggests, is used for the production of signboards, above the text, patterns and other content to indicate the direction and warning.Common signs are public welfare signs, cultural signs, signs, warning signs.

Metal nameplates: a plate on which metal is used as the main material of a plate or text without a specially designated plate.

Mainly refers to copper, iron, aluminum, stainless steel, zinc, nickel, and raw materials, such as precision molding sign products, common use of machinery, equipment, electrical appliances, kitchenware, sanitary ware, furniture, aquatic animals box, security doors, indicator, advertising signs, automobile and motorcycle accessories, gift packaging, decoration, bags accessories, computer case, signs such as displays, mobile phone decoration.

Several common methods of making metal nameplates:

Metal nameplate production methods: stamping, bump, cutting, die-casting molding, its color and auxiliary process using screen printing, offset printing, high gloss (drawing), corrosion, electroplating, laser engraving, spraying, painting, film to complete the surface color addition, better highlight the font with the visual clarity of the pattern.


1. High quality wire-drawing metal plate with twill, arc, straight, CD, sun grain texture, appear more characteristic.

Suitable for furniture, office supplies, electronics, DVD, TELEVISION, computers, cabinets, electrical appliances, LCD display, navigation, security doors, kitchen utensils, bathroom, audio, wine boxes, tea, moon cakes, gift boxes.

2. Flat printing and corrosion of metal signs in the color addition more diverse, easy to color.

Applicable to machinery, equipment, electrical control box, chassis, facilities.

3. Luminous and reflective metal signs with warning, guidance and indication functions.

Applicable to road signs, community guide signs, road signs, house Numbers.

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