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Metal nameplate is a common metal sign in our life and work, mainly used to make common logos and information parameters, or to do some private commemorative signs.The production of metal nameplate is simple, easy to save, and can be made from the appearance to the completion of the production can be modified by a lot of parameters, the finished product is also very beautiful, so it is widely used.What are the materials of the metal nameplates?General common is: stainless steel, aluminum alloy, alumina, zinc alloy, zinc alloy.


Disadvantages of traditional printing: Traditional silk-screen printing and pad printing can last for a long time. By printing to the surface of nameplate, and then transferring silica gel to the surface of product, the method is being surpassed by laser marking. Its disadvantages are relatively obvious:

One, wear resistance is poor

The use of people are deeply touched, here said the wearability test paper metal surface ink, usually a short period of time, there is the problem of fading.

Second, poor adaptability to harsh environment

For some nameplates used in equipment, the parameter information needs to be marked when they leave the factory. Some of these devices need to be placed in the outdoor operation. The nameplates marked in the traditional way have a low tolerance and are likely to suffer from wear.

Three, aesthetic requirement is not high enough

For private collection and customization of some metal surface marking work, the effect of using traditional methods is not ideal, such as commemorative badges, employee name brands, etc., all of which need aesthetic requirements. At this time, the use of laser marking machine has more advantages, to meet both aesthetic and practical requirements.


Iv. Traditional printing is not environmentally friendly

Laser marking clean smoke-free, it is a way of processing of environmental protection, and the process of production by the method of screen printing nameplate, need some organic solvents and heavy metals and other chemical raw materials, might as well as the waste of time for processing personnel have influence, and the ink is also volatile situation, for the individual and environment could be a hidden danger.

Therefore, the traditional process can also do metal nameplate identification, but compared with laser marking, there are more security and aesthetic protection, the new technology is to make up for the old technology, I believe that laser marking metal nameplate is better!

Post time: Nov-20-2020