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There are many kinds of metal nameplates and they are widely used in many fields.Its production technology can not only be made into various types of nameplates, but also can make some exquisite crafts.The following is a detailed understanding of the nameplate maker:

Common metal nameplate making process:

First, early preparation

(I) Design

Nameplate design is the basis of nameplate production, which requires designers to design diagrams that are not only beautiful, but also suitable for the production of subsequent procedures.

1. Determine the size

Open The Coreldraw drawing software and use the rectangle tool to draw the outermost outline of the sign according to the size required by the customer. Set the length to 184mm and the width to 133mm.Use the same method to draw another one, enter the appropriate size respectively, adjust the position, select the trim lace, and drag it to the appropriate place in the rectangle.

2. Select shading

Shading is widely used in nameplates. We choose two kinds of shading, one is laser shading and the other is sand shading.If the shading pattern is too large, drag the shading to the appropriate position on the screen and then delete the extra parts around.

3. Determine the content

The content of the nameplate is relatively simple. Put the environment-friendly sign in the upper left corner, adjust the size, and then input the text. The font should be solemn, clear and beautiful, accurate and easy to recognize.

Simply replace the laser shading with sand shading, and you have a silver plaque image of the sand shading.

(2) Film production

Films are generally sent to professional film production companies, who use laser printing, exposure, development and other processes to obtain.What we need to do is to carefully check the film after we take it back to see if it is consistent with the original manuscript. In addition, the film is clean, thorough, and the edges of lines are very clear.

(3) Blanking

1, choose the plate

Make nameplate metal plate: copper plate, stainless steel plate, titanium plate, etc., each metal plate features are different, can be based on the different style of the sign, choose the appropriate plate.Stainless steel has the advantage of corrosion resistance, is the production of metal signs commonly used plate.The thickness we are using now is 0.3 mm.

2. Cutting and trimming

According to the design of good size, on the selected stainless steel board, each side put a few millimeters margin, make a mark point, for cutting, cut the stainless steel board four edges often have burrs, to file it away, after filing with the hand touch, smooth edge, it is ok.

3. Remove oil stains

Put the stainless steel plate in clear water after soaking, put on the surface of some washing spirit, with a clean cloth to scrub the surface of stainless steel plate oil three to four times, and then rinse with water, the stainless steel plate surface washed clean, will not affect the smooth process after.

4, blow dry

Use a hair dryer to dry any water droplets left on the surface of the cleaned stainless steel plate. Do not leave water stains.

Second, the etching

Stainless steel nameplate production, mainly by etching process to complete.The etching principle is as follows:

This represents the thickness of the stainless steel plate, we first in its surface evenly coated with a layer of corrosion resistance of the photosensitive ink, put on a piece of film negative, using ultraviolet light exposure, through the film negative on the transparent part of the ultraviolet light can react with a photosensitive ink, alkalescent with polish resistance layer formation, black part of the photosensitive ink film negative is not resistant to weak base.If you take the film film, soak the stainless steel plate in the weakly alkaline sodium carbonate solution, the coating for the weak-alkali resistant part will chemically react with the sodium carbonate solution and come off, and the metal in these areas will be exposed, and the design will appear on the stainless steel plate.With a layer of anti-corrosion protective film on the opposite side of the it, put it in the etching machine, with ferric chloride solution erosion exposed on the surface of the stainless steel plate, the ferric iron ions in ferric chloride solution quickly oxidation, this part etching stainless steel plate, we use the macro photography can clearly see that partial etching stainless steel plate was down.

Third, post processing

In order to process the nameplate semi-finished products to finished products, post-processing is also essential.

This link is mainly electroplating.Electroplating refers to the role of direct current, so that the semi-finished metal in the solution of electrolysis reaction, so that its surface, evenly attached with a thin layer of other metal or alloy.Now all over the government regulations, electroplating can only be carried out by professional electroplating companies.Therefore, for electroplating, we simply introduce its process flow.


Before electroplating, in the place reserved for semi-finished products of the sign, drill a small hole with a bench drill, tie the conductive copper wire through a small section through the hole, and leave enough length at the other end.

Electroplating generally has a number of links, can be carried out according to needs.

Turn on the main power supply of the plating bath for preheating 4 hours before electroplating.

1. Electric discharge oil

No matter what the plating is, we must thoroughly remove the remaining grease on the surface of the semi-finished products during the previous processing.And the electricity discharges the oil very well.

We put the semi-finished products of the laser substrate into the degreasing solution in the pool, and tie the copper wire at the top end to the copper pipe, so that the copper wire and the copper pipe are in full contact to ensure good conductivity.

Set the temperature to 58 degrees, the time to 300 seconds, and the current to 10 amps.

Now you can see that the solution in the pool is boiling away, indicating that a chemical reaction is taking place.After 300 seconds, the current automatically shuts off. The semi-finished products with laser markings are removed and rinsed in 5 small tanks of distilled water in order.

2, nickel plating

The semi-finished products with laser markings after electric removal of oil are put into the green nickel chloride solution and operated as before.Set the temperature to 25 degrees, the time to 300 seconds, and the current to 10 amperes, the nickel chloride solution will begin to react with the semi-finished product of the laser substrate.After 300 seconds, rinse it again in three small tanks of distilled water in the same order.

3, copper plating

The copper plating method is the same as the nickel plating above. The blue solution is copper chloride.At this time of setting, the temperature is 28 degrees, the time is 300 seconds, the current is 10 amps, after plating it according to the sequence of three small tanks of distilled water rinse clean.

4, silver plated

The finished copper laser substrate sign semi-finished products, put into silver nitrate solution, set the temperature is 58 degrees, time is 300 seconds, current is 10 ampere, after plating it according to the order in the three small tanks of distilled water rinse clean.

5, gold-plated

Place a conductive clip on the copper wire of the semi-finished product of the laser shading sign, then put the semi-finished product of the laser shading sign into the solution of potassium gold cyanide, set the temperature to 52 degrees, the time is 30 seconds, the current is 5 amps, hold the copper wire in hand, let the silver-plated sign oscillate back and forth in the solution.Finally, take it out and rinse it in two separate tanks of distilled water in order.

Now look at the semi-finished product of the laser shading sign turned golden!The laser shading becomes more pronounced.

Only silver is required for signs with sand shading.So it and the laser substrate sign plate gold plating in the electroplating link is different, just less a gold plating link, other links, the order, temperature, time, current and so on are all the same, so we will not introduce alone, look at the effect of silver plating!

The above is about the metal nameplate production process, I hope you will like;We are a professional nameplate manufacturer, we can customize nameplates according to your requirements, if you have this need, you are welcome to contact us immediately, do not hesitate ~

Post time: Nov-06-2020