What are the common materials of metal nameplates?

The metal logo nameplates produced by Weihua Technology Company are widely used in electronic and digital products, household appliances, leather goods, packaging gift boxes, earphones, mobile phone cases, car keys, golf clubs nameplates, furniture and other products.

Material of metal nameplate:

Metal nameplates are mainly made of stainless steel, nickel, copper, iron, aluminum, zinc alloy and other materials.

Technology of metal nameplate:

By stamping, die - casting, etching, electrocasting, electroplating, paint and other processes produced.

Specific introduction of common metal nameplate materials:

Stainless steel nameplate:


The most commonly used stainless steel material qualitative sign, compare with aluminous material qualitative, stainless steel sign has very strong rigidity, high strength also reflected its value, and the melting point of stainless steel is very high, have very big advantage in high temperature resistance respect.Look from the exterior of sign, stainless steel qualitative sign compares the glossiness of zinc alloy, aluminium alloy apparently a few better, look can compare high-grade.


The only disadvantage of stainless steel nameplate is that the unit price is slightly higher than that of aluminum material and zinc alloy material, but good products with high-grade metal nameplate, the overall value will improve a lot.

Aluminium nameplates:

The biggest advantage of aluminum nameplate is its low price, which is a good choice for many customers who pursue low price. However, aluminum nameplate is mostly used for low-end products, and the overall price of the product is not too high. If it is a product of relatively high value, the combination of aluminum nameplate will appear a little rough.

Zinc alloy nameplate:

Zinc alloy signs mainly used in badges, MEDALS, clothing metal logo signs, in other areas with little.

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