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Heat transfer metal nameplate is a special plate generated by the surface treatment process of metal plate, and then the color picture you designed is ink-jet printed on the transfer paper, by heating the reverse to the metal plate, made of metal plate.

Manufacturing process of heat transfer metal nameplate:

Treatment of base paper -& GT;Printing cover -& GT;Printing pattern layer -& GT;Printing luminescence layer -& GT;Printing cover -& GT;Printing adhesive layer -& GT;Dry - & gt;packaging

1) the protective layer

Using 300 mesh screen printing once transparent thermal transfer ink (if the ink viscosity is too large, you can use diluent to the appropriate viscosity), the entire pattern of transparent printing ink, mainly used to protect the pattern layer, so that the pattern has abrasion resistance, washable, chemical resistance, and play a role in positioning the pattern.Natural air drying or low temperature drying can be used.

2) pattern

The pattern layer can be printed with heat transfer color ink once. The mesh number is 300 mesh. The viscosity can be adjusted by diluent according to the actual situation.The order of printing is mainly based on the color from dark to light.Pay attention to accurate positioning, so as to avoid deviation when printing luminous patterns.Natural air drying or low temperature drying can be used.

3) the light-emitting layer

The luminescent ink is prepared from luminescent material and transparent heat transfer ink by 1:1, and the viscosity is adjusted by diluent.

Using 100~200 mesh screen printing, the number of printing according to the luminance to determine, luminance high, more printing times, low luminance, less printing times, the general printing twice can meet the requirements.Natural air drying or low temperature drying can be used.

4) layer

Due to the use of luminous material printing patterns, it is necessary to print a white reflective layer after the pattern to add a personalized effect.We use white heat transfer ink to cover the entire pattern with a screen printing layer coated with a printing protective layer.Natural air drying or low temperature drying can be used.

5) Adhesive layer

Finally, 100~200 mesh screen printing of hot melt adhesive layer, to ensure that the entire pattern.It is mainly used to glue patterns and cloth.Natural air drying or low temperature drying can be used.

6) Packaging of metal nameplates

The heat transfer marks after drying are packed with packaging film and placed smoothly.

Current routine more or less and will use ink or other chemical agents, there is a certain amount of pollution to the environment.With the progress of science and technology, there will be better processing technology for making metal nameplates.

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