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Metal nameplate is one of the most commonly used trademarks in the market of home appliance products at present. Let’s follow the nameplate manufacturer — Weihua Technology to understand its process, production and installation, and you will fully understand ~

I. Silver label on black Background:

The bottom of the product is black (can be divided into bright black, dumb black, oxidized black), the font can be highlighted or brushed highlight processing.


Ii. Black words on silver side:

This kind of metal sign and black bottom silver word aluminum sign just the opposite, the normal production method for the font concave, the overall spray black paint and then use engraving machine to carve off the surface of the sign, the rest is the paint of the concave font.Of course, the surface can also be pulped treatment.(Pulping is to use a pulping machine to pull the paint off the surface of the sign, and it is better to do oxidation treatment after pulping, so that the trademark can be more anti-oxidation and dirt.)

Iii. Silver word on silver background:

A. the sand base:

(1) mold hit sand (commonly used is the mold hit sand) label die cast out, the label itself with sand bottom.

(2) Sand spraying, through sand spraying machine after oxidation treatment (this kind is not commonly used, high manufacturing cost)

(3) Spray silver powder, spray it and bake it in the oven.


B. The bottom is bright.

C: Production method of bottom color:

(1) oxidation (such as gold, silver, red, black, etc.)

(2) Spray paint: the bottom can be sprayed with different colors according to customer requirements (common colors are black, blue, red, orange, gray, silver, green, etc.)

The paint: paint must have a side to stop, paint will not flow, that requires a border, or paint is concave.(The color can also be customized to different colors of paint)

D: Processing method of font color:

(1) Screen printing: After the product font is highlighted, to make different colors on the raised font, you can use the screen printing method, the font on the same plane can be screen printing a variety of colors, each color must be finished after the oven baked dry before the screen printing other colors.

(2) Electroplating: after highlighting the sign font can be electroplated in different colors according to customer requirements (such as: black, gold, red, chrome)

(3) Paint (same as the bottom paint mentioned above)

E: Font processing method:

(1) Highlight: Also use diamond knife to carve the paint off the sign surface (also known as batch, the normal inclination of the lines is 45 degrees, according to customer requirements to do different lines, usually diagonal, backdiagonal, arc, straight, CD, sun)

(2) Drawing: drawing machine will be the surface of the sign of the paint off, the lines can be selected according to customer requirements of different mesh sand belt.

(3) sandblast: currently, there are a lot of professional audio products, requires that the font treatment of this process are more complicated than the above two, the first sign after sandblast, must after sandblasting oxidation treatment, because some customer request should be at the bottom of the color (such as black, blue) must then be put back the entire sprayed aluminum panels as customers want to color, after spray dry, reoccupy chemicals will wipe away the font on the surface of the paint.

(4) Bronzing: first of all, the font surface polishing to achieve smooth surface, then bronzing processing.(this process cost is high, rarely used)

aluminium name plate,Stamping sign painting logo diamond cut badge baby nameplate (1)

F: Installation method:

(1) foot label: mold can be made according to customer requirements of the foot length, foot diameter, center distance.After the sign is die-cast, the sign itself will bring its own footnails.A: Bend the feet and fix them on the back of the panel. B: Clip rings on the feet.C: Some big brands have very thick feet, so they can tap the feet and screw them directly after tapping.

(2) no foot stick glue: according to customer requirements to stick different glue, there are ordinary glue, 3M glue, desa glue, sponge glue.Most customers use 3M glue.This kind of installation is simple, take out after leaving the paper affix directly go to be able, some such as stereo garnet.If the net is too large, it is not suitable to use adhesive backing, because the adhesive is small, it is easy to take off.

(3) foot stick back glue: most of such customers design is: foot is used to fix the sign will not move, glue is fixed sign will not fall off, or a double insurance function.

(4)Punch at the bottom of the sign: this is mainly through nails to the sign fixed on the product, this kind of furniture industry more commonly used, other industries rarely used, because some customer products are not nail nails.(e.g. iron, aluminium panels)

(5) feet not paste glue: customers take back, when the installation of their own glue.

That’s it: why metal nameplates are the preferred trademark for household appliances;We provide professional: aluminium name plate, stainless steel nameplates, brass name plates;Welcome to consult ~

Post time: Sep-21-2020