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The mini heatsink on the left is a heatsink for raspberry pi 4

The Raspberry Pi is a mini computer aimed at computer hobbyists, teachers, elementary school students, and small businesses. The size is only the size of a credit card. The Raspberry Pi itself can run without a radiator or fan.

But if you are worried about excess heat or the temperature will continue to rise, you still need a raspberry pi heatsink to ensure a stable temperature.

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    Why the Raspberry Pi 3 b or other LED,Computer products need a heat sink?


    Under normal circumstances, Raspberry Pi 3 b does not need a heat sink, but in order to ensure better heat dissipation conditions, it is good to have 1-2 more raspberry pi heatsinks.


    For LED lamps, only 30% is converted into light energy, and about 70% is converted into heat energy. If the heat energy is too much and the temperature is too high, the life of the lamp will be easily shortened and damaged. At this time, a radiator with good thermal conductivity and fast heat dissipation is needed, so as to facilitate the overall heat dissipation of the lamp.


    At the same time, the computer needs a radiator and the principle of LED lamps is not much different. It is very beneficial to add a necessary radiator. At the same time, choosing those radiating fins with moderate thickness, thinner and more can greatly increase the contact area with the air, making it more conducive to air convection heat dissipation and prolonging the service life of the computer.


    In general,. The main purpose of the radiator is to keep the device temperature below the maximum allowable temperature specified by the device manufacturer. For those products with high thermal energy, adding a radiator is the best choice. At the same time, if the radiator is made of pure aluminum, it can also be anodized with beautiful colors. Make the appearance of the product more ornamental, and keep the appearance color consistent with the product.


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    Raspberry Pi 3 b Heatsink Extrusion

    Product Description:


     Product Name: 

     Raspberry Pi 3 b Heatsink Extrusion 


     AL 6063-T5



     Main Process: 

     Aluminum extrusion+Anodized

     Surface finishing: 


     Color Option: 

     Black,grey,blue,golden and others you want

     Installing way: 

     Apply back adhesive

     Sample Time: 

     1-2 weeks

     Lead Time: 

     1-2 weeks

    The main process are as below:

    China Aluminum Extruded Heatsink
    Metal Aluminum Heatsink

    To learn more, please see below vedio of this black painting heatsink.

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