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There are five points to note in the actual operation of aluminum extrusion production. The following is to follow the china aluminum extrusion manufacturers to understand:

1: Aluminum rod furnace

According to the production order requirements and the actual situation of the mold, add the aluminum bar with appropriate length, correct material, smooth surface without grooves, and guaranteed quality (crystallization, composition, density, no overburning).And pay attention to the identification of different aluminum bars, spacing.Pay attention to the position of the furnace and the width of the chain, keep close to each other (Angle iron is used instead of aluminum which can easily be softened in high temperature) to prevent the plug of the furnace, and keep the aluminum rod from loosening and falling during the operation of handling and loading of the furnace, so as to prevent personal injury and equipment accidents.Inspect chain, pin, wheel, surge column and other equipment frequently.The actual temperature of the aluminum rod and the data of the instrument value (not exceeding 560 ° C) should be regularly tested. The temperature should be properly cooled when the machine is down for a long time (below 520 ° C). The equipment such as the operation of the spray gun, the circulation fan, and the cooling water (water pump) should be regularly checked to see if they are in good condition.

2: Operate the extruder

Extruder operators must pay attention to the following items before formal operation to ensure the normal, safe and continuous production.

(1) : Check whether the equipment is normal, whether the operating parts of the machine are in situ, lubrication of the slide plate, whether the travel switch of the induction device is in motion, whether the screws are loose, whether the circulating cooling water is on, whether the oil level is sufficient, whether the oil temperature is normal and whether the oil pump has no sound.Whether the working speed is normal.Whether the action conversion is normal.

(2) : Check the condition of the rod furnace (refer to article 1), check the center line of the extrusion, check the heating condition of the extrusion drum and the fluctuation of the heating instrument.Operation condition of tractor, feed bed and rear equipment.Whether all kinds of operators’ fittings and maintenance hardware tools (mold, mat, pressing cake, pressing plate, clamp, hammer, pliers, wrench, screw knife, crowbar, heat insulation wool, plastic tools, etc.) are fixed in the working site, whether the driving car, the mold heating furnace is normal.Whether all kinds of quenching cooling fans are running.Whether all measuring tools are complete and correct.

(3) : the scene to see if there is not other people, whether to have maintenance personnel, whether to have visit personnel, whether there is a new learning, should be based on principles of safety first, respectively, according to actual condition to dissuade of relevant personnel, inquiries, prompt, prevention, explanation, training, guidance, demonstration, etc., for no outsiders by the leadership of the secret job when necessary.Coordinate and arrange production, shift personnel, and pay attention to the orderly connection between each process.

(4) : Understand the production content, production requirements and production sequence, and record the corresponding real data during the production. The writing should be clear and clear, and the production date should be marked, so as to be verifiable, traceable, referable and referable.The drawings, forms, data, documents, etc. for the production of profiles should be prepared in advance and familiar with the chest.

3: Aluminum profile drawing

(1) : The aluminum profiles on the cooling bed shall not rub against each other, pull, overlap, squeeze and twist together in the process of material taking and moving and stretching, and a certain interval shall be reserved between each other.Easy to bend, the length of the material should be handled in a timely manner, when necessary to do the protection of each other.

(2) : the profile stretch must be cooled to 50 degrees below (naked hand can grasp) can be moved to the drawing frame for stretching work, the temperature is too high that stretch will burn the human body, hot broken wool, but also because can not completely eliminate the internal stress of the profile before and after aging appeared bending, twisting, poor performance and other absolute waste.

(3) : because of the hair has heat emission resistance role, decorative surface requirements of the profile must be more up and down to flip back and forth, in order to heat uniform, reduce heat uneven crystallinism and thus produced transverse bright spot defects, especially the large wide surface, wall partial thickness profile should pay more attention.

(4) : pay attention to the stress conditions of small feet, thin teeth, long legs, arc surface, inclined surface, opening, Angle and other profiles with high width to thickness ratio, long suspension wall, large radian, large wall thickness and strange shape, to prevent local or point size deformation, twist, screw and other defects.

(5) : The stretching amount should be controlled at about 1%. For example, the stretching amount of 25M sections should be stretched around 25CM after straightening the section, but it must not exceed 2%.In production, it should be adjusted according to the actual conditions of profile discharge and various specific requirements (opening size, surface quality, external size, inner diameter size, wall thickness size, elongation, etc.), so as to find the tensile quantity that can meet various specific requirements at the same time in the contradictory technical requirements.Excessive tensile will result in the deviation of head and tail size, water grain (fish scale) marks on the surface, low elongation, high hardness and brittle (low plasticity).Too low tensile will make the profile compressive strength and hardness on the low side, and even aging (quenching) can not improve the hardness, profile easy arc bending (commonly known as machete bend).

(6): In order to control the amount of tensile deformation and better control the size change of the entire section, appropriate special clamp pad and appropriate methods should be adopted.Especially open material, arc material, cantilever material, as well as curved shape profile should pay more attention to the reasonable and effective use of stretch clamp.When it is necessary to stretch the middle of the profile should be held upright or pad to ensure that the stretching size between the middle and the end of the section meet the profile requirements.

4:Aluminum profile sawing and mounting frame

(1) : the material on the conveying rack should match the material head and the contact mark, the profiles should not touch each other, the length of the material should make the protection of each other.Profile should be placed straight before and after, cutting surface must not tilt.Check the surface of the rack, plastic package, pay attention to the exposed iron frame and other sharp hard metal collision.

(2) : Oxidation, spraying, sandblasting, bending, punching, material, sawing, packaging, aging, natural materials, and other different processing requirements, different materials of profiles, should be framed separately.

(3) : When installing the frame, pay attention to the way and method of mounting the frame, as well as the necessary auxiliary tools, lining paper bushing and so on.Cushion strip (gasket) should correspondence up and down, arrange correctly, interval is appropriate, amount is appropriate, (some are easy to be out of shape, high surface profile must not put cushion strip) can bear the weight of profile and certain afterforce, cannot push too much put, stack put.Profiles that need to be mounted on stilts must be stacked on stilts.

(4) : pay attention to the position of the profiles stacked in the frame, avoid the weight of both ends, resulting in the profiles piled up, slide and other accidents.Pay attention to the cutting speed and burr on the cutting surface, observe the oil injection size of the sawing machine and adjust it.Pay attention to the saw press (stroke, weight).Pay attention to the sawing operation to avoid personal safety injury accidents.When sawing, it is strictly forbidden to force on the two sides of the profile, so as to avoid the clamping saw during the sawing, which will cause the beating action and instantly damage the material and hurt the person.

(5) : Pay attention to the aluminum chips to be blown clean, burrs to be scraped, spacing should be appropriate, lifting should be safe, stacking frame should be aligned.The number of stacked frames of shall not exceed the company’s requirement of 4 floors.

(6) : lifting frame to should take put down gently, small, thin, long, flat bar, small solid material, such as flexible intermediate to someone to carry material, and pay attention to the double specified length (sawing, oxidation chuck allowance) on the process after the (sawing, oxidation, packaging, lifting, transportation) processing production of difficulty, affect the efficiency, even can’t normal production.

5. Aging transfer of aluminum profiles

1) : Try to aging in accordance with the material, thickness, size, hardness, performance requirements of the same similar profiles placed in the same furnace for aging treatment.The aging profile shall be strictly operated in accordance with the corresponding aging process of the furnace profile, shall not be changed without permission, shall not be perfunctory.

(2) : Pay attention to the operation of circulating fan and circulating cooling water, pay close attention to the ignition heating situation, heating error in the furnace, heating speed in the furnace, heat preservation situation, pay attention to the safety and sealing of the furnace door, and collect the large lek aluminum mesh.

(3) : Pay attention to oil and gas leakage, ventilation and safety under high temperature combustion environment.

(4) : Pay attention to the material falling and the safe distance between the crane and the material frame.

(5) : It is strictly prohibited to detain people in the aging furnace. When they enter the furnace to work, they must be protected accordingly, and there must be adults outside to observe and protect them.Combustibles should not be brought into the furnace. Non-productive USES such as baking, heating and sleeping are strictly prohibited.

(6) : The profiles with different post-processing requirements shall not be mixed with material and frame, and shall be transferred to each production department according to the post-processing requirements together with the process card (manufacturing summons).Record all forms of the process truthfully for checking.Give a face to face account of the shift.

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