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Now with the global signage market heating up rapidly, digital nameplates are being used by more and more people because of their advertising effect and commercial value.At present, a lot of nameplates can be seen everywhere. Coupled with the gradual maturity of technology, it is gradually becoming the mainstream.Nameplate manufacturing techniques are diversified and colorful. As long as we can think more and practice more, we believe that nameplate manufacturing can also make our future better.

There are many kinds of metal nameplates and they are widely used in many fields.Its production technology can not only be made into various types of nameplates, but also can make some exquisite crafts.The production process of the metal nameplate is exactly the same as before until it is etched.We from the etching, the label semi-finished products on the solution of ferric chloride clean, but not back film, directly into the color process.The product nameplate coloring is generally electrophoretic coloring process, and the coloring machine USES the cathodic electrophoretic coating with color.We used black this time.

Stainless steel plate production, the main use of etching process to complete.Its etching principle is: this represents the thickness of the stainless steel plate, we first in its surface evenly coated with a layer of corrosion resistance of the photosensitive ink, put on a piece of film negative, using ultraviolet light exposure, through the film negative on the transparent part of the ultraviolet light can react with a photosensitive ink, alkalescent with polish resistance layer formation, black part of the photosensitive ink film negative is not resistant to weak base.

If you take the film film, soak the stainless steel plate in the weakly alkaline sodium carbonate solution, the coating for the weak-alkali resistant part will chemically react with the sodium carbonate solution and come off, and the metal in these areas will be exposed, and the design will appear on the stainless steel plate.With a layer of anti-corrosion protective film on the opposite side of the it, put it in the etching machine, with ferric chloride solution erosion exposed on the surface of the stainless steel plate, the ferric iron ions in ferric chloride solution quickly oxidation, this part etching stainless steel plate, we use the macro photography can clearly see that partial etching stainless steel plate was down.

Stainless steel nameplate manufacturing process, in addition to single side etching, can also be double-side etching.This is very useful in crafts.If we make two identical films and insert the metal plates with corrosion-resistant photosensitive ink on both sides into the middle, the two sides will be exposed simultaneously in the R-B2 double-sided vacuum exposure machine, and the two sides will be etched up and down simultaneously in the etching machine. After a little longer time, the metal plates will be cut through.You can make such a beautiful work of art.

Before coloring, connect the negative electrode to the conductive plate, and connect the positive electrode to the gap in the protective film between the semi-finished products, to ensure the normal conduction of the semi-finished products.Try it in black cathodic electrophoretic paint with hold-hold, turn on the power and try it out for 40 seconds. When the green is up, the coloring machine green power off and the color is good.Rinse the excess floating color with water and put it into the oven at a temperature of 88 degrees. Heat it for 20 minutes to solidify the paint film.

Add solid sodium hydroxide in a clean container, put the randy label on it, and then add 80 degrees of hot water in a ratio of 1:10, swing the container, in the full dissolution of sodium hydroxide solid, nameplate semi-finished products etched left photosensitive film will be slowly corroded.After swinging for half a minute, remove the label and rinse the remaining corrosion liquid on the surface with water.Black and white metal nameplate in natural drying, cut edge, can become the window of the product.

In our daily life, signs are very common, all kinds of signs will be inadvertently, met our eyes, it has become a landscape in our life.In the machinery manufacturing of various specifications of the product label that is indispensable.Product signage is often compared to the "product window."

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