How much does a custom aluminum extrusion cost?

Aluminum extrusion process

Customers to consult to do aluminum extrusion process, will usually ask industrial aluminum processing cost is how much?Today, the custom aluminum extrusion suppliers will give you a detailed explanation:

Industrial aluminum extrusion processing costs mainly have two forms;

First custom aluminum extrusion profile is often routinely called into processing, customization means that the aluminum ingot processing into the customer's need for materials, the cost of this process is called processing costs, is also often said processing, so in the communication can directly say custom profile costs.

Still have a kind of processing is aluminium profile extrude profile above processing, the processing above aluminium profile is divided into a lot of categories, did not have kind of processing method its cost is not the same, if you are to want to process above the profile, say directly with the businessman profile on the processing cost is how much?The conventional processing on the profile has through the hole, countersunk head hole, tapping teeth, here to give you a hint, punch processing, not the smaller the cheaper, the smaller the more expensive, the reason is not good operation, but the more hole the price will be cheap.

What is the approximate cost of aluminum extrusion?The following is only for reference, specific to the actual situation of the quotation

The processing cost of processing aluminum ingots into aluminum profiles is mainly divided into three parts: the cost of the cast bar, the cost of extrusion processing, and the cost of surface treatment.

So how much do these three fees add up to?The cost of the casting rod is the same, there is no great difference.

The cost difference of extrusion will be relatively large, because aluminum has many different sections, some are complex, some are simple, some are large, some are small.Extrusion difficult scrap rate is high, processing fee is also up.Some do not need surface treatment processing fee will be relatively low.

So from the aluminum ingot to the processing into aluminum extrusion finished products processing fee does not have a fixed cost, generally in 5000-8000 yuan.

That is to say, if the price of aluminum ingots is 14,000 yuan/ton, then the price of aluminum extrusion is 19,000-22,000 yuan/ton.And the price of aluminum ingot is also changing every day, so the price of aluminum extrusion is also changing.

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Post time: Apr-30-2020