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Name:Electronic cigarette housing

Type:Aluminum extrusion

Size:at your requested size

Material:AL6061/ AL 6063

Process:Aluminum extrued+CNC machining+Polishing+Cleaning+Full inspection+Sandblasting/Anodizing+Laser craving+Full inspection+Delivery

Application:Suitable for electronic cigarette shell

  • Min.Order Quantity: 1000 Piece/Pieces
  • Supply Ability: 10000000 Piece/Pieces per Month
  • Accepted Delivery Terms: FOB, CIF, EXW, Express Delivery
  • Accepted Payment Type: T/T, Western Union, Cash
  • Accepted Delivery Terms: shenzhen, huizhou, hongkong
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    How to choose the right aluminum material to make aluminum enclosure?

    At present, the aluminum materials used in the market range from 1 series to 8 series. More than 90% of the extruded aluminum materials are produced with 6 series alloys. Other 2 series, 5 series and 8 series alloys are only extruded few.

    1XXX means more than 99% pure aluminum series, such as 1050, 1100, 1 series aluminum has good plasticity, good surface treatment, and the best corrosion resistance among aluminum alloys. Its strength is low, and the aluminum of the 1 series is relatively soft, mainly used for decorative parts or interior parts.

    2XXX means aluminum-copper alloy series. For example, 2014, it is characterized by high hardness but poor corrosion resistance. Among them, copper has the highest content. The 2000 series aluminum rods are aviation aluminum materials and are not often used in conventional industries. .

    3XXX means aluminum-manganese alloy series, such as 3003 and 3000 series aluminum rods are mainly composed of manganese, and are often used as tanks, tanks, construction processing parts, construction tools, etc. for liquid products.

    4XXX means aluminum-silicon alloy series, such as 4032, 4 series aluminum belongs to construction materials, mechanical parts, forging materials, welding materials; low melting point, good corrosion resistance, heat resistance and wear resistance.

    5XXX means the aluminum-magnesium alloy series. For example, the 5052,5000series aluminum rods belong to the more commonly used alloy aluminum plate series. The main element is magnesium. The most commonly used in mobile phones is 5052, which is the most representative alloy with medium strength and resistance Corrosion, welding and formability are good, mainly using casting molding method, not suitable for extrusion molding.

    6XXX refers to the aluminum-magnesium-silicon alloy series, such as 6061 t5 or t6, 6063, which are heat-treated corrosion-resistant aluminum alloys with high strength and corrosion resistance, and are suitable for applications with high requirements for corrosion resistance and oxidation. Good workability, easy coating and good processability.

    7XXX stands for aluminum-zinc alloy series, such as 7001, which mainly contains zinc. 7000 series aluminum alloy stands for 7075. It also belongs to the aviation series. It is an aluminum-magnesium-zinc-copper alloy and a heat-treatable alloy. It is a super hard aluminum alloy with good wear resistance.

    8XXX indicates an alloy system other than the above. The more commonly used 8000 series aluminum alloy is 8011, which belongs to other series. Most of the applications are aluminum foil, and it is not commonly used in the production of aluminum rods.

    Only by choosing the right aluminum material can we make good and high-quality products.

    The following focuses on the characteristics of the 6 series aluminum alloy profiles:

    The 6 series aluminum alloy profiles are mainly magnesium and silicon. Series 6 aluminum is currently the most widely used alloy.

    Among the 6 series aluminum materials, 6063 and 6061 are used the most, while the other 6082, 6160 and 6463 are used less. 6061 and 6063 are more commonly used in mobile phones. Among them, 6061 has a higher strength than 6063. Casting can be used to cast more complicated structures and can be used as parts with buckles.


    6 series aluminum has medium strength, good corrosion resistance, welding performance and process performance (easy to be extruded), and also good oxidation and coloring performance.

    Application range:

    energy transfer tools (such as: car luggage racks, doors, windows, car bodies, heat sinks, and box shells).

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    The main process shows as below

    6063 round bar

    Step 1:6063 round bar Ø100*350MM

    Natural gas environmental protection aluminum rod heating furnace

    Step 2:Natural gas environmental protection aluminum rod heating furnace

    Electromagnetic mold heating furnace

    Step 3:Electromagnetic mold heating furnace

    1000 tons of high-precision profile extruder

    Step 4:1000 tons of high-precision profile extruder

    Natural gas environmental protection aluminum aging  furnace

    Step 5:Natural gas environmental protection aluminum aging furnace

    Double-rail type automatic sawing machine

    Step 6:Double-rail type automatic sawing machine

    “Our 40,000 square meters facility has the capabilities to meet all your extrusion aluminum, logo plates,precision stamping needs coupled with multiple fabrication options to produce high-quality products solutions. ”

    ― WEIHUA

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