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Four key factors should be noted in nameplate design. The following is an explanation of the industrial nameplate manufacturer -- Weihua Technology:

1. Nameplate shape

The nameplate shape, especially the traffic sign shape, must conform to national or international standards. In the absence of standard specifications, attention should be paid to conform to the principle of easy identification, different (preferably unique).

2. Size of nameplate

According to the human factor experiment, similarly, the larger the sign below the visual range, the shorter the recognition time will be, and on the contrary, the longer the recognition time will be. The size setting depends on how long we expect to complete the recognition. Of course, the premise is that the normal person's vision can be seen at the farthest point of the set visual range.On expressways, cars travel at high speeds and drivers have to identify them in a very short time, so the signs on expressways are much larger than those on ordinary urban roads.

3. Nameplate and character symbol

There are rules for how many words, symbols or designs to be written on a board. First, the size must be visible, and then the reading must be completed within the expected identification time.

4. Nameplate and color

The clarity of a sign depends a lot on the color used, but if you look at a sign of the same size from the same distance, the background color of the sign and the color of the words on it will make a big difference in how visible it is and how long it will take you to recognize it.In general, the higher the alert level, the brighter and more contrasting the colours used.

The above are the four questions that need to be paid attention to in the nameplate design. We hope to be of some help to you. We are a nameplate customization manufacturer, and if you have requirements for nameplate customization, you are welcome to consult ~

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Post time: Sep-07-2020