What is aluminum extrusion used for?

Industrial aluminum extrusion as an alloy material, it is widely used in the current market is more popular.Due to its good color, chemical and physical properties, let it gradually replace other steel materials, become used in a number of industries in the material.

In a broad sense, industrial aluminum extrusion is in addition to doors and Windows aluminum profile, curtain wall aluminum, architectural decoration aluminum for aluminum profile.Such as some rail transit, vehicle body, production and living aluminum material can be called industrial aluminum extrusion.In a narrow sense, industrial aluminum extrusion is the assembly line aluminum profile, is a kind of aluminum bar after smelting into the mold extrusion section profile.

This kind of profile is also known as aluminum extrusion profile, industrial aluminum alloy profile, it is more widely used, can be used in the production of a number of industries.The common use is to be used to make a variety of equipment frame, equipment protective cover, large column support parts, pipeline conveyor belt, mask machine frame, dispensing machine and other equipment skeleton.

What is aluminum extrusion used for?

1. Equipment aluminum profile frame and aluminum profile frame

2. Assembly line workbench skeleton, belt conveyor line bracket, workshop workbench

3. Workshop safety fence, large equipment protective cover, light screen and arc shield

4. Large maintenance platform and climbing ladder

5. Medical device holder

6. Photovoltaic mounting bracket

7. Car simulator bracket

8. Various shelves, shelving, large cultivation room material rack

9, workshop material turnover car, aluminum tool car

10. Display rack of large-scale exhibition, information display board of workshop and white board rack

11, the sun room, clean shed

In addition to the above common USES, can also be made into a variety of products of the skeleton bracket.In general, if you want to do it, you can use it.Need to pay attention to is the industrial aluminum profile specifications more, when the selection of materials according to their own needs can be used is a complete set of aluminum profile accessories connected, safe and stable, easy to disassemble.

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Post time: Apr-26-2020