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Printing logo products, with metal plate, sheet, foil and other materials as the substrate, known as metal sign printing.In the printing process of metal signs, it is often encountered that there is color difference in printed matter.The following for China's professional metal nameplate manufacturer with you to understand the metal printing signs in the process of color difference:

In the printing process of metal signs, the color difference of printed products mainly includes: ink spot color difference, superposition color difference, dot deformation color difference, color difference caused by inaccurate overprinting, color difference caused by abnormal wetting system, color difference in the printing process of color signs and polishing production, etc.

Ink solid background color difference:

Such as primary color or spot color ink, the main reasons for solid background color difference are:

1. The color allocation is not accurate, the type and proportion of the selected ink is not reasonable, which cannot meet the printing requirements;

2. Ink printing properties and printing machine, drying room performance is not suitable;

3. ink hue and ink layer thickness is not appropriate or ink size.

Stack Color:

Including net lines and solid bottom, the main reasons for the overlap color difference are as follows:

1. The arrangement of color sequence is unreasonable;

2. Ink viscosity is unstable;

3. Imbalance of ink painting, unreasonable adjustment of ink hopper and water hopper, incorrect operation.

Dot deformation and color difference:

Dot deformation and color difference are mainly caused by:

1. The increase or decrease of mechanical dot, including the influence of printing pressure, ink, moistening solution, blanket, metal plate surface coating, etc.;

2. The increase or decrease of optical dot refers to the change of dot in the process of transferring the metal plate printing negative to PS plate.

Overprint is not allowed to cause the color difference, the main reason is that the color version in the process of overprinting positioning is not accurate.

The above is the metal sign printing color difference, I hope to have some help to you.We are a nameplate supplier from China - weihua technology, welcome to consult!

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Post time: Mar-02-2021