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What are the defects that are likely to occur during the rolling of custom metal nameplates and what are the measures taken?Here, the metal nameplate manufacturer tells you.

The surface of the workpiece produces regular pitting points

If the surface roughness of the workpiece after rolling is rough, the surface appears obvious punch light trace, the reason is that the profile of the carbide roller is damaged, at this time, the roller can be replaced or the profile of the original roller can be ground (the surface roughness value is lower than that of the small mine).

There are marks on the workpiece surface

After rolling, there is no obvious trace on the surface of the workpiece, but it is not felt by hand. The actual roughness becomes smaller, which is due to the tiny radial runout of the roller in the rolling process.The solution is to clean the needle roller bearing, inject lubricating oil, and grind the roller surface.

The surface of the workpiece is ridged

Although the roughness after rolling is low, there is obvious convex feeling when the workpiece surface is touched visually and by hand, which is caused by the rolling pressure and excessive feed.At this time, the rolling pressure can be appropriately reduced and the cutting amount can be reasonably selected. 

The surface peeling

If too much rolling and too many rolling times, the contact area between the drum and the workpiece is too small, and the installation Angle of the drum is too large, the surface will peeling.In such a serious case, straw waste must be avoided.

Lubrication cooling

Lubrication and cooling is an important part of inner hole rolling.Sufficient lubrication coolant should be input when rolling, which can not only reduce the heat generated during rolling, but also extend the service life of rolling.Make the surface roughness of the workpiece fine, but also can wash the surface of the inner hole of the workpiece, to ensure the normal rolling work.In this case, we use vulcanized cutting oil as lubrication coolant, which has good results.


The fine machining of deep hole of oil cylinder of shield tunneling machine was carried out by using double wheel floating rolling technology.The surface roughness of cylindrical inner hole is between 0.01 and 0.05 after rolling, which is much lower than that before rolling, which completely meets the technological requirements, and provides a new technological method for deep hole machining.

Almost all goods have signs, but in the past signs only serve as instructions and trademarks.With the rapid economic development of the world in the past 20 years and the list of goods appearance art modeling and decoration attention, signs as an important part of appearance modeling and decoration, has become more and more important.For this reason, commodity designers have given considerable attention to the development of the sign, and put forward higher requirements for it.The main requirements are:

  1. The sign should have good weather resistance and wear resistance, can withstand the test of various working environments.
  2. The appearance of the sign should be harmonious and beautiful, which can play a role in painting the dragon point.
  3. For the manufacturer, the production process should be reliable and simple, and the materials used should be economical, which can reduce the production cost.
  4. For society, the production process should be pollution-free, less pollution-free.

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