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Below, Weihua metal nametag manufacturers to interpret the characteristics of nickel-plated sign production.

Nickel plating method is usually used in the production of signs by electroplating process: generally silver signs using nickel plating process production, rarely using silver plating process production.Because the effect of nickel coating and silver coating is very close, and the cost is easy to control, so the industry is generally also called nickel coating for silver coating.The appearance of the nickel-plated signs is very similar to that of the silver-plated signs, both bright silver.

Nickel coating, its color changes little, and silver is easy to be oxidized to gray-black or gray-black.For example: the silver coin spread among the people, the surface presents a gray silver, no silver white effect.Nickel plating has been widely used in many signage products because of its good corrosion resistance and good appearance.

Products can be used more materials for nickel plating processing, such as copper, iron, aluminum, zinc alloy, ABS plastic can be nickel plating processing.

Here we will understand the characteristics of electroplating nickel sign production:

1. High stability.

Because the metal nickel has a strong passivation ability,the electroplated nickel layer has a high stability in the air, and can quickly form a very thin passivation film on the surface, which can resist the erosion of atmosphere, alkalinity and some acids.

2. Electroplated nickel crystal is very fine, and has excellent polishing function.

The polished nickel coating can achieve a mirror-like gloss while retaining its gloss in the atmosphere for a long time.

3. Nickel coating has high hardness and can improve the wear resistance of the product surface.

Nickel coating is commonly used in the printing industry to improve the hardness of the lead surface.Due to the chemical properties of metal nickel is relatively stable, so some chemical equipment also use thicker coating, to prevent corrosion by the medium.

4. Nickel coating has a wide range of application prospects.

Can be used as steel, zinc die casting, copper, aluminum alloy and plastic surface protective decorative coating, on the base material has anti-corrosion and anti-light decorative effect.It is also commonly used in the intermediate coating of double electroplating products to make the surface of the products smoother and brighter.Re-plated with a thin layer of chromium, or plated with a layer of gold, so that the nickel-plated signs have better corrosion resistance, beautiful and generous.

5. Nickel plating method has a good processing capacity.

Its processing capacity is second only to electric galvanizing, its consumption of nickel accounted for about 10% of the total output, ranking second in the world.In the production of various electroplating signs, is also the most used a metal coating.

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