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Industrial nameplate generally refers to the label fixed on the product after the product is put on the market, which provides users with information such as manufacturer’s trademark identification, brand differentiation, and product parameter remembrance.

The industrial nameplate is mainly used to record some technical data of the manufacturer and the rated working conditions, so as to be used correctly without damaging the equipment.

The materials for making industrial nameplates are metal nameplates and non-metal nameplates: metal nameplates include zinc alloy, copper, iron, aluminum, stainless steel, etc., but aluminum is mainly used for production, because the nameplates produced by processing are relatively high-grade, durable, and rust-free.Non – metallic plastic, acrylic organic board, PVC, PC, paper, and so on.

For applications in electrical products and equipment, the industrial nameplates contain general product information and special technical requirements.

What does the industrial metal nameplate contain?

1. The nameplate must be complete and clear, and there should be no missing strokes.The edge of nameplate is smooth and without warping edge;

2. The nameplate must contain information such as product name, model, electrical parameters, parameters, mark, certificate number, date of delivery, certificate number and manufacturer;

3. Necessary warning information shall be provided on the nameplate, such as “It is strictly prohibited to open the cover with electricity”, “Charging and discharging in the explosion-proof place”, etc.

Industrial nameplates are necessary for the following information

1. Logo.Allows users and installers to quickly understand the type of the product, the corresponding gas/dust and temperature groups.

2. Certificate number.The certificate that can reflect a product is true and effective, avoid to choose fake and inferior product.

3. Factory date.We can know the service life of the product quickly, and judge whether to replace the new batch of products from the life cycle.Avoid performance failure due to long-term use.Such as shell screw corrosion or loss, serious corrosion, sealing ring aging can not reach the sealing effect.

4. Warning messages.Can allow maintenance and use personnel to avoid improper operation caused by equipment damage.

To sum up, the metal nameplate of industrial products is a very important label, and incomplete or incorrect information will cause unnecessary troubles to the use place and users.

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Post time: Nov-14-2020