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Metal stamping is the use of punch and die will stainless steel, iron, aluminum, copper and other plates and hetero material to make its deformation or fracture, to have a certain shape and size of a process.At room temperature, steel/iron plates are moulded into the specified shape by means of moulds provided by a press.

What is the flow of metal stamping process?

Opening and blanking → tapping → press riveting → welding → cleaning → inspection → packaging.

1, the blanking

The original stamping plate is punched with a punching machine of different tonnage, including punching holes, typing characters, punching convex hull, etc., to form a fixed shape;

2, tapping

The stamping parts are transferred to the single-axis or multi-axis tapping machine for tapping, and the screw holes are made through the rotation of the tapping machine to meet the requirements of screw installation;

3, pressure riveting

The molds after the initial processing are sent to the pressure riveting place for manual pressure riveting. Some necessary parts are installed on the stamping parts through the pressure riveting machine.

4, welding

Perform manual fine welding (AC, DC, etc.) on the stamping parts, and weld the small parts needed.

5, cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning of products to clean fingerprints, oil stains, etc. to meet the requirements of packaging and shipment.

6, inspection

The process of product quality control, in which the production process is controlled in real time by the quality control department, to reduce production loss and defect rate and ensure production quality.

7, packaging

Pack the products with the prescribed bags, keep the whole process clean, and then seal the box to strengthen the protection ability of the products.

The above is about the introduction of metal stamping process, I hope to have certain help for you;Weihua is a metal stamping manufacturer;Welcome to consult ~

Post time: Oct-09-2020