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Metal nameplate is widely used in the variety of signs.Metal plaque has a lot of the amount of material, of course, other materials of plaque vulnerability, and don't have the kind of be born, metal plastic nameplate made of Burma's forehead decorative pattern and design are mostly painting, and metal nameplate of grain is carved up commonly, can give a person a kind of delicate feeling, spray paint, of course, can also be used on metal nameplate, relative to the plastics and other materials, metal spray paint is not easy to fall off.It has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, bright, high hardness, good wear resistance, wide application and large dosage.In front of the basic knowledge of metal nameplate, the following for the metal nameplate manufacturers of Weihua to tell you the key factors in the design of metal nameplate and production process.

What are the key factors in the design of metal nameplates?

1. Nameplate shape

The shape of the nameplate, especially the shape of the traffic sign, must conform to the national or international standards. In the case of no standard specification, we should pay attention to the principle of easy identification and not identical (preferably unique).

2. Name plate and speed

People in different moving speed, vision is to change, the faster the speed, the more vision to see objects in the field of vision.The specific number of visual acuity loss must be verified by experiments. If a standard is to be developed, a large number of experiments and investigations must be carried out.

3. Size of nameplate

According to the human factor experiment, the larger the nameplate under the same visual range, the shorter the identification time, and the longer the identification time on the contrary. The setting of the size depends on how long we expect it to take to complete the identification. Of course, the premise is that the size is that normal people can see at the farthest point of the set visual range first.On the expressway, cars travel at a fast speed, and the driver must complete the identification in a very short time, so the nameplate of the expressway is much larger than the size of the nameplate on the general city road.

4. Name plate and color

Whether the nameplate is clear or not has a great relationship with the color used. The same distance to see the same size of the sign, the background color of the logo and the color of the above text symbols are different. Whether it can be seen and how much time it takes to identify is very different.In general, the higher the warning level, the brighter the color, the greater the color contrast.

5. Nameplate and characters

There are rules about how many words, symbols or patterns are written on a board. First, the size must be visible, and second, it must be able to be read within the expected time.

What is the production process of metal nameplates?

Metal nameplate printing materials are mainly aluminum, copper, stainless steel, aluminum consumption.

1. Oil removal: in order to make the surface of the aluminum substrate has a certain ink-affinity, the oil layer and oil on the surface need to be removed, and cotton yarn can be dipped in gasoline to wipe.Chemical deoiling can also be done with alkaline solutions.

2. Sandblasting: sandblasting is to improve the adhesion between ink and metal materials, usually using a special sandblasting machine for spray processing.

3. Wire drawing: also known as stranded processing, is the surface of the aluminum plate with mechanical friction method to process a fine straight lines.

4. Polishing: in order to overcome the surface defects of aluminum based materials, improve the surface finish.Polishing is divided into mechanical polishing and chemical polishing.

5. Oxidation: there are residual polishing soaps on the surface of the aluminum plate after polishing, the application of board yarn dipped in gasoline to wipe, and then chemical oil, then immersed in nitric acid solution (nitric acid and water 1∶1 ratio), 10 minutes later, and then put into the oxidation tank for electrochemical oxidation.

6 closure: its role is to ink firmly sealed in the pores, never rise overflow or diffusion.For the parts of the ink cover, the role of the closure is to fill the gap of the oxide film, so that it is impervious to water, to strengthen the surface of the corrosion resistance.In general, nickel sulfate solution is used for sealing.

The above are the key factors that need to be paid attention to in the design of metal nameplates, as well as the production process.I believe that after you read the metal nameplate to understand a deeper step.We are a metal nameplate supplier from China-WEIHUA. If you don't understand, please contact us!

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