How many steps are there in the aluminum extrusion process?

Aluminum extrusion products are widely used in many industries, such as medical device bracket, photovoltaic mounting bracket, electronic product shell, radiator and various industrial components and accessories, etc.What are the techniques in the extrusion process?Let’s learn more about it together with china aluminum extrusion manufacturers:

The aluminum extrusion process includes the following eight steps:

1. After the mold shape is designed and created, heat the aluminum alloy cylindrical billet to 800° f-925 °F.

2. The aluminum billet is then transferred to the loader, and lubricant is added to the loader to prevent it from sticking to the extruder, plunger or handle.

3. Apply considerable pressure to the dummy block with a ram, which pushes the aluminum billet into the container and forces it through the mold.

4. To avoid oxide formation, introduce liquid or gaseous nitrogen and let it flow through the various parts of the mould.This will create an inert atmosphere and prolong the life of the mould.

5. The extruded parts enter the jump in the form of a slender piece, which now has the same shape as the mold opening.It is then pulled onto a cooling table, where a fan cools the newly created aluminum profile.

6. After cooling, move the extruded aluminum onto the stretcher for straightening and work hardening.

7. Take the hardened extruder to the saw table and cut it according to the required length.

8. The last step is to heat treat the extruder in the aging furnace to harden the aluminum by accelerating the aging process.

After extruding, you can use a variety of options to adjust the color, texture and brightness of the aluminum finish.This may include aluminum anodizing or painting.

Ok, so those are the steps of the aluminum extrusion process;We provide professional:miniature aluminum extrusion;Welcome to consult ~

Post time: May-09-2020