How do you cut aluminum extrusion?

We know that industrial aluminum profiles are long, generally 6 meters long, need to be sawed according to the actual size.

So the cutting of industrial aluminum profile to pay attention to what?After the production of industrial aluminum extrusion products, what steps are required to cut?

Aluminum heatsink extrusion

1, choose a professional saw blade, because the hardness of industrial aluminum profile is not as big as steel, saw cutting is relatively easy, but because the hardness is not large enough to easily adhere to aluminum, so the blade must be sharp, after a period of time to replace.

2, choose the right lubricating oil, if the oil is not directly dry cut, the cut aluminum section will have a lot of burrs, it is difficult to clean.And it hurts the blade.

3, most industrial aluminum is a right Angle cutting, there are some need to cut bevel, 45 Angle is more common.When cutting bevel Angle must control the Angle, the best use of CNC sawing machine to saw.

What steps are required after extrusion of industrial aluminum profiles?

1, aluminum profile in the extrusion molding will be cut, this is the rough cut, the length is generally controlled in 6 meters above, 7 meters below.Too long industrial aluminum is not convenient for aging furnace aging and oxidation tank oxidation.

2. If the customer buys materials and goes back to sawing and processing by himself, we need to cut off the oxidation electrode points at both ends after the anodizing packaging is completed, and the profile length is generally controlled at 6.02 meters.

3. If we purchase semi-finished products for processing, we need to transfer them to the processing workshop and carry out fine cutting according to the actual size. The dimensional tolerance of fine cutting is generally controlled at ±0.2mm.There is a need for further processing needs further processing (punching, tapping, milling, etc.).

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Post time: Apr-17-2020