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Die is a technology, metal stamping products because of the use, structure is not the same, the mold design is impossible to be stereotyped.And what makes a good designer?Metal stamping Service Company has a few points to share with you:

One, awareness

If you look at the world at a young age, for example, and you look at the world at 40, there’s a big cognitive difference.Metal stamping products used in different industries, precision and requirements will also have a gap.

Some simple, not high precision products, can be designed to save some of the mold cost.And some high-precision products also need to consider the cost, assembly, mass production and other factors in the early stage.

Second, industry experience

For example, some engineers are good at the design of some precision terminals, but some of the structure of precision metal stamping parts, will know about what kind of a process, but for the later mass production of a practical situation, some of the wear of the mold may have unimaginable consequences.

Third, reaction ability

In particular, some of the high requirements of metal stamping products, problems when the response strategy.The problem can be solved immediately if it is handled well, but if it is not handled well, it can be corrected or not solved.It seems that there are always some people around who are positive all the time.Love to learn, love to share, considerate and responsible.Metal stamping design, is also the same reason!It is believed that this kind of employee can achieve many kinds of breakthroughs.

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The above is about the hardware stamping die design share, hope to have certain help to you!If you need custom metal stamping products, please consult us ~

Post time: Oct-17-2020