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Tooling:punching tool, LT=15 days

Application: speaker cover

  • Min.Order Quantity: 1000 Piece/Pieces
  • Supply Ability: 10000000 Piece/Pieces per Month
  • Accepted Delivery Terms: FOB, CIF, EXW, Express Delivery
  • Accepted Payment Type: T/T, Western Union, Cash
  • Accepted Delivery Terms: shenzhen, huizhou, hongkong
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    Video for Electro Polishing

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    China CNC Precision Machining

    Material   - st/st plate, rolled or rod material
    Processing - SUS304+puching+electro-polishing.-Further to get the surface protective layer by PVD process, and to get the logo by engraving
    Application  Speaker cover
    NW  120g
    Tooling  punching tool
    LT  15 days
    Type  OEM Parts
    Mass production Lead time 4weeks


    Weihua technology (China precision CNC processing factory) is a professional production of CNC, precision stamping products, precision CNC components, parts, workpiece and other types of precision CNC processing manufacturers.We have experienced engineers and technicians and excellent technicians.Welcome new and old customers to consult!

     What are the techniques for CNC lathe machining thin-wall precision CNC parts?

    We all know that CNC lathe machining thin wall is more difficult, especially the processing of the inner hole, because in the cutting process, thin wall by the action of cutting force, easy to produce deformation.Thus causes the appearance ellipse or the middle is small, the two ends is big "the waist shape" the phenomenon.

    In addition, the thin-wall sleeve due to the processing of heat dissipation is poor, it is easy to produce thermal deformation, so that the size and shape of the error.The important problem to be solved is how to reduce the influence of cutting force on the deformation of the workpiece if it cannot meet the requirements of the drawing.

    Next, weihua technology will take you to explore together, CNC lathe machining precision thin-wall parts skills.

    CNC lathe machining thin-wall parts is a more difficult problem in turning processing, the reason is that the thin-wall parts are rigid, weak strength, in the processing is very easy to deformation, make the part shape error increases, not easy to ensure the processing quality of parts.

    Can use CNC lathe the characteristics of high machining accuracy and high production efficiency, and fully consider the process on the quality of the parts processing, therefore the workpiece clamping, cutting tool geometry parameter and program compiling test, effectively overcome the deformation of thin-walled parts processing process, to ensure the machining accuracy, better for the future provides a good basis and reference for machining thin wall parts.

    CNC lathe no matter what form of processing precision parts, the first must start from the view of precision CNC product parts diagram.From the picture to see the thin wall parts processing, easy to produce deformation, here not only the clamping is not convenient, and the parts to be processed that is difficult to process, need to design a special thin wall casing, retainer.



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    The main process shows as below

    Plate material

    Step 1:Plate material

    2CNC machine

    Step 2:CNC machine

    Plane grinding machine

    Step 3:Plane grinding machine

    PVD vacuum oven

    Step 4:PVD vacuum oven

    Rolled material

    Step 1:Rolled material

    Punch machine

    Step 2:Punch machine


    Step 3:Electro-polishing

    7Engraving machine

    Step 5:Laser-engraving machine

    Rod material

    Step 1:Rod material

    Auto-lathing machine

    Step 2:Auto-lathing machine

    CD grain station

    Step 3:CD grain station

    “Our 40,000 square meters facility has the capabilities to meet all your extrusion aluminum, logo plates,precision stamping needs coupled with multiple fabrication options to produce high-quality products solutions. ”

    ― WEIHUA

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