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Custom metal name plates also distinguishes the post you are holding. They are also required in hospitals, clinics, hotels, law firms, offices, showrooms, colleges, schools and other institutions.You can always have a custom name plate which can stand out among the others so people coming to meet you can easily see it.

Professional metal nameplate manufacturers to tell you,Why choose a custom metal name plates.

what makes custom metal nameplate a better choice?

There are differing types of metals like stainless steel , brass, and iron which will be utilized in the making of name plates and these are often easily fitted on wooden doors. they will even be paired with acrylic, glass, stone and other materials to supply a designer nameplate for office or home.

Today it's a trend to possess personalized metal name plates not only on the door but also on the gate. The name plates that you simply see in homes and houses are stylish and durable. a customized nameplate is extremely important because it is that the very first thing that everybody sees about you and because the expression goes “First impression is that the last impression”. So this is often the impression that the person seeing your nameplate will take with him.

What are the features of durable metal nameplates?

1.Metal name plates and engraved metal plates available engraved, printed or blank. Custom created or stock sizes available with adhesive backing or holes.

2.Anodized aluminum name plates are engraved by either laser etching or rotary engraving counting on your application requirements.

3.Solid brass name plates are a longtime favorite which will be utilized in many applications. Try lacquer coating for decorative indoor applications. Or, you would possibly consider mill finish brass for outdoor applications where the natural aging of the brass isn’t a drag and sometimes appreciated for it’s antique appearance.

4.Stainless Steel Name Plates are extremely durable. the fabric is laser etched with black text and graphics.

5.Printed aluminum name plates printed using our Weihua process are among the foremost durable nameplates available. they provide the advantage of full color printing capability for vibrant eye catching identification.

Now you know why you choose custom metal nameplate. We are a nameplate supplier from China. Welcome to consult us!

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