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With the rise of hardware metal signs, a large number of signage manufacturers have also been born. Of course, nameplate manufacturers are the same as other industries, and they must be different from good and bad. This requires you to identify with a pair of golden eyes. If you want to know the outstanding what are the characteristics of a sign manufacturer? Today, I will introduce how to distinguish between good and bad sign manufacturers, below details only for reference .

1. Have an independent factory.

The prerequisite for a good hardware and metal sign manufacturer is that it must have a large-scale factory. If it does not even have the most basic production factory, it is definitely not a regular manufacturer. The method of identification is to ask if it has a factory, ask to visit its factory, and see what it says. If it refuses or hesitates, it is likely to be a middleman (including trading companies, independent SOHOs, etc.). The price obtained in this way, Generally, it is relatively high, and it is difficult to guarantee the delivery time and after-sales service.

We are a comprehensive manufacturing enterprise integrating R&D, design, production, operation and sales. The factory is located in Dongjiang High-tech Zone, Shuikou Town, Huizhou City, with a workshop area of ​​45,000m², nearly 1,200 employees, independent workshops and manufacturing facilities, and is a true, credible and powerful manufacturer.

2. Physical samples and website

First, you can browse the manufacturer’s website to learn about some physical samples they have made in the past, look at the product pictures or videos they took, and even ask them for some free samples, so that you can understand their production strength and The quality of the products made is good or bad. At the same time, manufacturers with more websites are generally stronger, because websites and advertisements require a lot of capital, manpower and material resources, so this is also a test of the strength of a manufacturer.

We have a number of promotional websites for Hua Technology, and we have invested in advertising in Alibaba and Google. Among them, www.cm905.com/www.chinamark.com.cn brings together some of our company’s past projects and products as well as The video, you can browse directly and learn more about us. In addition, if you are interested in cooperating with our company, our company can also provide some free samples, and you can directly contact our sales staff if necessary.

3. Time.

Working time, time can not only make the wine deposit more and more pure, but also make the company's production strength and experience deposit more and more abundant and professional. We are mainly engaged in the processing and manufacturing of various types of nameplates, logos, precision aluminum extrusions, CNC processing, precision carving, spraying, printing and other precision hardware products for more than 27 years. We are a manufacturer with a certain reputation in the hardware industry. .

4. Partners.

Understand the manufacturer’s partners, whether they have experience in cooperating with well-known domestic and foreign companies and projects, so that it can be confirmed to a large extent whether the manufacturer has certain strength, because well-known companies must cooperate with any supplier before It is necessary to conduct factory audits, and their audits are generally relatively strict, so if manufacturers can cooperate with well-known companies, they are generally more capable and qualified.

We, Weihua Technology, are such a hardware manufacturer. We currently cooperate with domestic and foreign customers such as TCL, BYD, Vitavp, ST, AWM and other well-known domestic and foreign companies. Among them, the longest cooperation time is 10 years. .

Summary: It’s not so easy for an excellent manufacturer of signs and signs. If you can meet such a company in the vast crowd, please cherish it, thank you.

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