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Signage is a common advertising carrier, is widely used by businesses in all walks of life.Metal signage production is mainly based on copper, iron, aluminum, zinc alloy, titanium, stainless steel and other raw materials, through stamping, die casting, etching, printing, enamel, enamel imitation, paint, drop plastic, electroplating and other processes.At the same time, the production of signs is rich and diverse, so what do metal sign production companies need to pay attention to when choosing sign materials?Next, for Weihua professional metal nameplate manufacturers to tell you.

1. Visual presentation rules of personalised metal signs

The final intention of the design is to convey visual and information, so the selection of materials should first consider visual effects and reflect the concept.For example, to reflect the traditional culture and simple style, we should consider using wood, stone and other materials that are easy to reflect the style;To reflect the novel and unique personality, you can consider using acrylic board, fiberglass, PVC board, sunshine board, flange board and so on.

2. Consideration of service life of metal signs for home

According to the needs of different customers, some only use in a short time, some need to use for a long time, at this time need to consider the service life.Due to the short service life, ordinary data can be basically satisfied, as long as the full consideration of visual effects and use costs, we should pay attention to the long-term service life.Improper material selection will not only cause losses to customers, but also bring trouble to the future after-sales maintenance.

3. Selection of site of outdoor metal signs

The use of signs is divided into indoor and outdoor areas according to the building environment.Due to the outdoor use of sunlight, wind and rain, in the design to take full account of the selection of materials and technology.Secondly, different geographical locations will have different climate characteristics, humidity, precipitation, temperature difference, air pressure and other factors are affecting the normal use of the factors, in the design and production should be carefully considered.

4. Cost of use and service repairs of metal signs for business

Excellent design scheme has a strong executive force, its remarkable feature is to stand on the position of the customer to consider the problem advertising companies not only to consider the satisfaction of visual effects, but also consider ignoring the customer's economic bearing force, the design scheme can not be implemented.Taking into account the needs of our customers, reducing the pressure on our after-sales service department, frequent repairs, high repair costs, our advertising agency will also fail.

5. Rationality of construction structure of large metal signs

Considering the importance of visual effects, the construction of the building structure is particularly important.Some data have good visual effect, but it is difficult to process and implement, and the structure is complex, and the data performance comparison is fuzzy. Therefore, it is recommended not to use such data.When it is impossible to determine whether its structure is reasonable and whether it can withstand external pressure, it must not be constructed so as to avoid leaving hidden safety risks and carry out follow-up maintenance.

The metal sign company in the choice of sign information, only the visual embodiment, the rationality of the construction structure, the use of time, the use of the site and the use of repair costs are taken into account, inductive measurement, in order to make the customer satisfaction of the sign.

The above is the choice of signage materials need to pay attention to matters, I hope to have a certain help to you.We are a metal nameplate supplier from China, welcome to consult us!

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Post time: Mar-16-2021