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When it comes to the technical requirements of the nameplate, it must involve the product standard of the nameplate.Once talked about our country in a quite long period of time, with the word "sign" covers each different application field has the mark product.

Therefore, some relevant standards are only made for machine signage."Signage" has some limitations, and can no longer reflect and represent the development of modern technology.I believe that the standards lag will cause the departments concerned to pay attention to meet the expectations of colleagues in the industry.

Before the introduction of new standards, the standard of "signage" has undergone the following process.

1959: from the former ministry of machinery industry of the People's Republic of China, the ministry issued the standard jb-59 for product signage for the first time;

1964: first revision of the above standard, changed to JB - 64;

1982: jb-82 was reformulated by the former ministry of machinery industry of the People's Republic of China, and the term "nameplate" was used for the first time in the definition of this standard;

1989: drafted the draft of the national standard of signage for public comments;

1991: national standard of the People's Republic of China, signage, GB/t13306-91

The above several stages of the standard, is still aimed at the "machine sign" and the development, although can not reflect the nameplate product overall appearance and the modern situation, but the general technical requirements can be mutually universal.According to the above standards, the technical requirements related to nameplates are summarized as follows.

1. General technical requirements

(1)When the nameplate is assembled with the product, the relationship between the diameter of the fastening hole on the nameplate and the diameter of the fastening nail.

(2) gluing the nameplate does not need to make a fastening hole.

The nameplate can be fastened to the product by rivets, screws or other feasible methods.

The dimensional tolerance and shape and position tolerance of the nameplate

The contents, words and symbols on the nameplate

A. The content, arrangement and color of the nameplate shall be determined by the designer of the nameplate in accordance with relevant regulations.

B. The Chinese characters on the nameplate shall generally adopt the simplified characters officially promulgated and implemented by the state, and the traditional characters are allowed to be used in special needs.Chinese characters are recommended in boldface, long song and song style. Product names and manufacturer names are allowed to use other fonts that are clear, beautiful and easy to read.

C. The font size of Chinese characters, Latin letters, Greek letters, Roman numerals and Arabic numerals shall refer to the provisions of GB4457.3

D. When it is necessary to place the trademark (factory logo) and high-quality product logo on the nameplate, the requirements shall comply with the relevant provisions.

E. The name, unit and unit symbol of the quantity used in the nameplate shall comply with the provisions of GB3100.

6. Material

A. The materials for nameplate shall be selected according to the requirements and working conditions of the host product. The following materials are recommended.

(a) industrial pure aluminium L1, L2, L3, and L4;

B) stainless steel 0Cr19Ni9, 1Cr18Ni9 and 1Cr17;

(c) cast steel, rolled sheet steel, etc.;

(d) thermosetting and thermoplastic plastics;

(e) brass sheet /H62 (H68) and other materials may be used for special needs.

B. The nameplate shall be attached to a bonding material that can be firmly attached to a flat, smooth, non-greasy metal or non-metallic surface without activation (such as solvent or heating).

C. The thickness of aluminum plates and other metal materials is recommended as follows: 0.3mm, 0.4mm, 0.5mm, 0.6mm, 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 3.0mm, 4.0mm.

All above are for machine signage.

Appearance requirements

The periphery of the nameplate should be straight, there should be no obvious burr and tooth shape and waveform.The front should be smooth and clean.Border line should be symmetrical, straight, should not be bent broken.

The size and thickness of text, symbols and lines should be neatly marked, arranged symmetrically, should not be broken and blurred.

(3) the surface should not have cracks and obvious scratches, as well as the impact of its clear rust, spots, shadow.The coating should be free from pores, bubbles, fog, stains, wrinkles, flaking signs and obvious particles.

The nameplate shall not appear creases, wrinkles, self-winding, tearing and adhesive leakage.

The color of the nameplate should be clear and striking, and the color and luster should be uniform, and there should be no pan color. For two or more overprinted nameplates, the edges between colors should be neat and clear, and there should be no gap between the two colors.

According to the needs of the product on the surface can be matte treatment, made of matte or matte.

The performance requirements

Coating adhesion shall not be lower than (GB1720 in the provisions of grade 4.

The color of the fastness to the sun should comply with the provisions of GB730: indoor use shall not be lower than 4;Outdoor use must not be lower than level 6.

(3) anodized aluminum nameplate, with a dark color of the front oxide film thickness shall not be less than 10um;Light colors must be no less than 5um.

(4) salt spray resistance, after 48h test, should comply with the provisions of JB4159.

(5) heat and humidity resistance, after 10d test, should meet the JB4159 level 2.

Mildew resistance, after 28d test, should meet the GB2423.16 provisions of grade 2.

Testing method

(1) the dimensions shall be checked by universal gauges and limit gauges.

(2) the flatness

Place the nameplate on the plate for inspection with a ruler or a feeler, and do not apply external forces that cause the plate to deform.

(3)Appearance quality

Normal visual acuity should be examined with a luminance of 500lx and a visual distance of not less than 250mm.

(4)Coating adhesion in accordance with the provisions of GB1720

(5) color fastness to the sun according to the provisions of GB8427 or GB8428.

(6) Salt fog resistance in accordance with the provisions of GB2423.17.

Heat and humidity resistance according to GB2423.3.

The resistance to mould is regulated by GB2423.16.

Inspection specifications

(1)The nameplate shall pass the inspection by the inspection department of the manufacturer before it leaves the factory.

(2) the size and appearance quality of the nameplate according to provisions of GB2828 normal to examine the secondary sampling plan, general inspection level Ⅱ, acceptable quality level (AQL) 4.0 check acceptance.

(3)The performance and quality of the nameplate shall be checked and accepted according to the normal inspection and secondary sampling scheme stipulated by GB2828, special inspection level s-2 and qualified quality level (AQL) 2.5.

(4)The performance and quality of the nameplate shall be tested under the following circumstances.

(a) finalizing the manufacturing process;

(b) changes in manufacturing processes or materials;

(c) user requests;

(d) periodic (annual) assessments.

The relevant standard

In order to strengthen the need of quality management, the relevant standards of nameplate testing are summarized as follows.

GB191 packing, storage and transportation symbol

GB730 blue wool standard for fastness to light and weather

GB1720 method for determination of film adhesion

GB/T1731 method for determination of film flexibility

GB/T1732 paint film impact resistance determination method

GB/T1733 determination of water resistance of paint film

GB/T1740 determination of moisture and heat resistance of paint film

GB/T1766 colour paints and varnishes - rating methods for ageing

GB/T1771 colour paints and varnishes - determination of resistance to salt spray

GB/T2633 inspection method for household enamel products

GB/T2893 security color

GB/T3979 object color measurement method

GB/T4706 general safety requirements for household and similar electricity use

GB8898 safety requirements for household and similar general purpose electronics and related equipment supplied with grid power

GB9276 natural weather exposure test method for coatings

Technical conditions of JT/T279 highway traffic sign board

GB1804 tolerance and fit

GB11335 limit deviation of tolerance dimension not noted

GB11335 not note tolerance Angle limit deviation

GB2423.3 basic environmental test code for electrical and electronic products wet heat test method test Ca: constant wet heat test method

GB2423.16 basic environmental test procedure for electrical and electronic products

GB2423.17 electrical and electronic products basic environmental test procedures test Ka: salt spray test method

GB2828 batch-by-batch inspection count sampling procedure and sampling table (applicable to inspection of continuous batches)

GB3100 international system of units and its application

GB4957 eddy current method for measuring the thickness of non-conductive overburden on non-magnetic metal substrates

GB8013 general specification for anodic oxidation films for aluminum and aluminum alloys

Test method for colour fastness to light of GB8427 textiles - xenon arc

Test method for color fastness to light of GB8428 textiles - carbon arc

GB/T12967.1 and the average wear resistance of anodic oxidation film of aluminum alloy were determined by spray grinding tester

GB/T12967.2 and aluminum alloy anodic oxidation by wheel wear tester to determine the wear resistance and wear coefficient of anodic oxidation film

JB4159 with electrical products general technical requirements

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