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Corroded metal nameplates are also called etched nameplates.The main use of mask, etching, post-processing three steps produced by the production of metal convex word plate or concave metal nameplate.

Manufacturing process of corroded metal nameplate:

1) Material:

According to the size required by the drawing (layout size), add no less than 5mm rough edges around.Pedal shears of model 720, treadle shears with flat surface and no margin around.

2) Surface treatment of metal corrosion labels:

(1)Mechanical polishing:

With a 2.2-4 kw polishing machine, the wool is mechanically polished. The cloth wheel USES a motor speed of 300-350 RPM, which is generally 2000-3000 RPM /min.

(2) Alkali treatment:

Boil the metal plate with 10-15% sodium hydroxide in an aqueous solution of 65-85℃ for 10-30 seconds, then wash it with clean water and immerse it in 5% aqueous solution of diaminic acid.

(3) Powder treatment:

With a flat brush dipped in the old powder (double powder), brush the plates evenly with the cross section until the dirt is removed, or the oxygen skin is removed, and then seal with 5% potassium dichromate solution.

(4) Brushed processing method:

By mechanical or manual wire drawing, the metal surface is brushed to achieve the effect of metal surface regeneration.

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Post time: Aug-22-2020