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How does the situation that encounters the printed matter of metal sign to exist chromatic aberration solve?Here, metal badge manufacturer Weihua tells you.

The printed sign products with metal sheet, sheet, metal foil and other materials as the substrate are called metal sign printing.In the process of metal sign printing, it is often encountered that there is color difference in the printed matter.

The following is a brief introduction to the control method of color difference in the printing process of metal signs:

metal name plates engraved

metal name plates engraved 

Dot deformation chromatic aberration: the primary reasons for dot deformation chromatic aberration are:

The increase or decrease of the mechanical dot, including the influence of printing pressure, ink, moistening solution, blanket, metal plate surface coating, etc.The increase or decrease of optical dot refers to the change of dot in the process of transferring the metal plate printing negative to the PS plate.

Control method:

1.Adjust the pressure to meet the printing requirements, such as pressure is too large, the metal plate will show graphic expansion, dot imprinting level is not clear when the severe formation of the plate, affecting the printing resistance.The pressure is too small, the printing plate presents bad ink, poor mark clarity, dot is empty;

2.Control the viscosity of ink;

3.Control the pH value of the fountain solution, the conductivity value; 

4.Blanket device conforms to the specification, avoid blanket presents stretching, torsion or compression deformation brought about by dot change;

5.Precise control of exposure time to ensure the recovery of the negative. 

The main reason for the color difference caused by overprinting is that the color version in the process of overprinting positioning is accurate:

Control method:

cheap metal signs

cheap metal signs

1.The pressure adjustment meets the printing requirements of metal signs, including various gaskets;

2. Precise positioning of front gauge, side gauge and dipping tooth;

3. the device PS version of the protocol;

4.print scale recovery film scale;

5.Accurate positioning between color versions;

The metal sign manufacturing scale precision conforms to the national standard, fit the equipment function.

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metal name plate maker

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Post time: Mar-31-2021