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The production process of metal nameplate What do you know about the production process of gold label?And what are the characteristics of traditional metal signage process?Commonly used metal logo production of metal sun, metal screen printing, metal corrosion standard, metal electroplating and metal electroforming standard, metal thermal transfer printing and metal sandblasting standard.Then the following metal listed manufacturer for China, will first introduce the first metal logo production process: metal flat sun sign.Corroded metal signs also known as etching signs.Mainly check the use of mask, etching after three steps of processing produced by the convex word metal logo or concave word metal logo.

metal name plate

metal name plate

Manufacturing process of corrosive metal marks:

1. Cutting of corroded metal signs:

According to the requirements of the drawing (layout size), add not less than 5mm rough edges around.Adopt 720 pedal shearing machine, requiring smooth surface, no margin around.

2. Surface treatment of corroded metal signs:

(1) Mechanical polishing:

The mechanical polishing wool of 2.2-4 kilowatts is used, and the cloth wheel with the motor speed of 300-350 is generally 2000-3000 RPM for mechanical polishing.

(2) Alkali-treated corrosion of metal marking:

Boil the metal plate with 10-15% sodium hydroxide in 65-85℃ water for 10-30 seconds, and then wash it with clean water, and add 5% aqueous solution of heavy Ming acid.

(3) Dip a flat brush in old powder (double powder):

Brush the layout with uniform cross method, until the dirt is removed, or the influence of oxygen skin is removed, and then close the layout with 5% potassium dichromate aqueous solution.

(4) Rust metal marking wire-drawing treatment method:

Mechanical or manual method is used to draw the surface of the plate, in order to achieve the effect of metal surface regeneration.

From two aspects to clarify the characteristics of traditional metal signage process?

custom metal nameplate

custom metal nameplate

The traditional metal brand technology of the Chinese nation is continuous. When it comes to the technical characteristics of the traditional metal brand, it comes into contact with the use of material life and all aspects of energy life habits. The varieties are complex and the technical characteristics are the same.

Now we will elaborate the characteristics of the traditional metal sign craft from the two aspects of art and civilization:

Artistic features: the traditional metal logo technology is not a simple art or skill, different metal signs through different processing tips, technological process, can produce different visual and tactile beauty.The beauty of golden craft is the connection of material beauty, craft beauty and art beauty.

Civilized characteristics: the traditional metal mark technology is a valuable historical resources;In the constant return, art can find the root of civilization.And the traditional metal logo production process is “root”, is a symbol of civilization.Today, information high-speed opening, the inheritance of handwork and the depth of modern painting, has become an important subject of metal sign technology opening.

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