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Aluminum is the most commonly used material among all kinds of metal nameplates, and the most common is the highlight metal nameplate.

Aluminum nameplate production process is relatively simple, but the application is very wide, mainly applicable to vehicles (such as electric vehicles, motorcycles), sanitary ware, cabinets, home appliances, electronics, machinery and other products above.

It can be said that aluminum nameplate is now the most widely used one of the signage.

Three common aluminum high-gloss nameplate manufacturing process styles

1. Silver words on black background:

The background (bottom) of the product is black (bright black, dumb black, etc.), the font is bright silver, generally for highlight, twill drawing highlights, etc.

2. Black words on silver side:

This kind of nameplate is just the opposite of the silver nameplate on the black bottom. The normal production method is concave down the typeface. After spraying black paint on the whole, engraver will carve off the paint on the surface of the nameplate.

Of course, the surface can also stretch processing, drawing machine will be the surface of the label paint, finally do oxidation treatment, so that the trademark can be more anti-oxidation and dirt.

3. Silver word on silver background:

Generally, there are two processing modes, word or pattern bright surface or highlight, background sandblasting.The other way is the other way around.

There are also three ways to treat the frosting effect:

1, the mold hit the sand (commonly used is the mold hit the sand) signs die cast out, signs themselves with sand bottom;

2. Sandblast, and then oxidize after spraying by sandblast machine (this kind is not commonly used and the manufacturing cost is high);

3. Spray silver powder, spray it and then bake it in the oven.

The above are three common patterns of aluminum high-gloss metal nameplates;Hope to have certain help to you!As a manufacturer of metal nameplates, we can customize brass logo plate, Aluminum logo plate and Steel plate logo.If you have any questions, please contact us now ~

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Post time: Jun-25-2020