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Among the various materials made in custom metal nameplates and metal signs, aluminum is the most used one, and the most common is the high-profile brand. The production process of aluminum signs is relatively simple, but it is widely used, mainly for vehicles (such as electric vehicles, motorcycles), sanitary ware, cabinets, home appliances, electronics, machinery, and other products. It can be said that aluminum signs and aluminum nameplates are the most widely used signs today.

Several common production process styles of the aluminum high-definition brands:

1. Silver lettering on black background. The background (bottom) of the product is black (bright black, matte black, etc.), and the font is bright silver. Generally, it is high-gloss processing, diagonal brushed high-gloss processing, etc.

2. Black letters on silver surface. This kind of trademark is just the opposite of the black-bottomed silver trademark. The normal production method is to make the font concave. After spraying black paint on the whole, use an engraving machine to carve the paint off the surface of the sign. Of course, the surface can also be drawn. Use a drawing machine to pull off the paint on the surface of the sign, and finally do an oxidation treatment, so that the trademark is more resistant to oxidation and dirt.

3. Silver characters on a silver background. Generally, there are two processing methods: bright or high-gloss words or patterns, and sandblasting on the background. The other way is the other way around. There are also several ways to deal with the frosting effect. The first is sandblasting on the mold (the most commonly used is sand on the mold), the sign is die-casted, and the sign itself has a sand bottom; the second is sandblasting, which is sprayed by a sandblasting machine. Do oxidation treatment (this kind is not commonly used, the manufacturing cost); the third is to spray silver powder and then bake it in the oven after spraying (this kind is also more commonly used).

The common styles of the above aluminum signs will be introduced and shared by the custom metal nameplate supplier Weihua Technology. Please pay attention to our homepage in the future. We also customize and share various customizations. Professional knowledge of nameplates and custom signs.

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Post time: Jul-16-2021