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The advantages of metal name plates and several methods, then for weihua metal nameplate manufacturers to bring you to know about.

The advantages of metal name plates

Metal plate have a lot of materials, other materials making the sign of vulnerability, of course, the kind of fall to the ground and no metal feeling, myanmar sign in plastic decorative pattern and design are mostly painting, and metal sign of grain is carved up commonly, can give a person a kind of delicate feeling, painting can also be used on metal sign, of course, relative to the plastics and other materials, metal spray paint is not easy to fall off.

In most use situations are generally metal signs, commercial signs, lighting signs, public signs and so on.Metal tags must also be used in these areas, as these items must not be fragile, or they will have a serious impact.

Three methods of metal nanme plates

1.Painting film engraving method:

Metal signs of the film engraving method is a manual seiking method, relatively simple.Can be printed generally not too delicate monochrome patterns and text.

Spray system generated film paper: use tracing paper paste stick on flat boards, the rubber with combination brush pen 1 water (volume ratio), gasoline set 1, evenly coated on paper, dry spray soft varnish after 3-5 times, each time after spraying, with 40 ~ 50 degrees in oven drying, spray paint film thickness to 5 ~ 6 millimeter advisable, coating should be bright, smooth, no bubbles, no stain.

2.carbon paper printing method:

Metal signs of carbon paper printing method is also a simpler metal signs manual engraving method.Cutting photosensitive paper: photosensitive paper is a mixture of thick coated with oxygen human barium base paper made of carbon paper, according to the size of the figure cut good reserve. 

3.photosensitive plate making method:

Screen printing metal signs used to print the plate precision requirements are higher, generally using advanced direct, indirect, direct three kinds of photosensitive plate making method.

The above is the advantages of metal signs and several methods, I hope this article is helpful to you.We are a metal nameplate supplier from China - weihua, to provide you with professional services, welcome to consult!

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Post time: Jan-27-2021