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What is the processing of metal nameplate laser marking,Huizhou Weihua Technology Co., Ltd. professional metal nameplate manufacturers to explain for you.

Processing metal nameplate industry increase so that the purchase of metal nameplate laser marking machine more and more customers,and some customers in the purchase of metal nameplate laser marking machine,will ask whether the problem of marking metal nameplate.

In fact,Xiaobian will be firmly able to,metal nameplate laser marking machine is not only energy saving, but also efficient,which is the best choice in metal nameplate processing.But the effect of different types of marking machine is different,so which model to choose for metal nameplate laser marking?

First,let's take a look at what a metal nameplate is.Metal nameplate after grinding,engraving,stamping,die-casting,etching,printing,electroplating and other different production processes produced products,widely used in auto parts,electronic communications,processing,PVC pipe and other fields.

Metal signage production is mainly based on stainless steel,copper,iron,aluminum, zinc alloy, titanium and other raw materials, the products have nameplates,badges,chests,MEDALS,key rings, commemorative MEDALS,commemorative coins,craft signs, tags and other metal signs.

The application of metal nameplate laser marking machine is good to solve the daily processing of a variety of different patterns and shapes of metal nameplate,with high precision and high-speed processing characteristics.

It not only solves the practical problem,but also reduces the production cost and creates higher profit value for customers.Nowadays,the application of metal nameplate laser marking machine has not only become a trend,but also will become a demand.

So how can we choose a metal nameplate laser marking machine with high cost performance?Let me give you an analysis.

1. Marking quality

Metal nameplates are highly reflective materials,metal nameplates are not high temperature resistant,marking metal nameplates in the process of prone to burr,so it is necessary to focus on the control process,to get the ideal quality of marking.

2. Marking speed

Marking speed also needs to be controlled,too fast marking speed is easy to produce burr,too slow marking speed will make the metal nameplate crack,affect the quality of marking, so it is necessary to control the process.

3. Production costs

The processing cost of laser marking machine is very low, far lower than other marking technology.

Therefore, the metal nameplate laser marking machine uses laser to do additive means,and there is no processing force between the workpiece.It has the advantages of no contact,no cutting force and little thermal influence,which ensures the original precision of the workpiece.At the same time,the material is adaptable to a wide range of materials,can be made on a variety of materials on the surface of very fine marks and durability is very good.

The above is the laser marking of metal nameplate processing.We are a professional supplier of metal nameplate.I hope this article will be helpful to you!

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