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Signs can be seen everywhere,I believe everyone will see a lot of signs every day,but you know what?In many signs,there is a special sign,is widely used in electronic products,home appliances,machinery and civil products and other fields, that is nameplate.

The nameplate is mainly used to record some technical data of the manufacturer and the rated working condition, so as to use correctly without damaging the equipment, and the material of the nameplate is metal and non-metal, respectively: metal zinc alloy,copper,iron,aluminum,stainless steel,etc.;Non-metal types are plastic,acrylic organic board,PVC,PC,paper,etc.,the use of a very broad scene.

In this episode,we are honored to have "Weihua",a famous nameplate manufacturer, to tell you about some common metal nameplates in detail.Hurry to take a small notebook and sit back!

First of all,let's first introduce the nameplate design and production of aluminum nameplate

Aluminum belongs to the light metal, plasticity is very strong, easy to grind, cutting, and the corresponding mechanical operation.And the aluminum nameplate has a strong metallic luster,suitable for distribution of some high-grade places as signs,of course not only that,it can also be used for furniture,decoration,cars,office and so on need to mark places.

Production of aluminum brand process is very, very much, stamping on the appearance of the aluminum brand transformation,high light technology on the aluminum brand polishing treatment,so that the aluminum brand has a good brightness,like a mirror.This reflects its important role in the night, can provide the function of luminous.

However, the aluminum brand due to its own characteristics also have the corresponding shortcomings,such as hardness is not enough, suffer from a strong external force,will make the sign deformation,and the melting point of aluminum is low,so the aluminum brand in high temperature will quickly "die".

Next,let's introduce the stainless steel nameplate design and production

In contrast to the aluminum nameplate, the stainless steel nameplate is very rigid, high strength also reflects its value.Often used outdoors may be subjected to strong external forces in the scene, there are many types of stainless steel, different types have different strength and plasticity.

And stainless steel nameplate is often used for machinery manufacturers of equipment nameplate,because in the mechanical equipment work may encounter very high temperature, so the high melting point of stainless steel is coming in handy.The stainless steel nameplate and what are its shortcomings?First of all,we should know that stainless steel also belongs to iron,its density is very large.Therefore, the weight of it is already too early,which will cause great inconvenience to transportation and installation.

The last is the nameplate design in the production of the gold-like copper nameplate

Copper nameplate itself has golden or bronze color,which is why many manufacturers need it.For example, MEDALS,gold MEDALS and related gold prevention crafts and works of art,in the nameplate production process,will use a lot of technology to transform the copper nameplate,bright color and so on.

The above is the content of common metal nameplate knowledge.I believe you have a certain understanding of metal nameplate,if you need custom nameplate,Weihua Technology Co.,Ltd. is a good choice,we are a professional metal nameplate manufacturers.

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Post time: Jan-11-2021