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First of all, I will clarify the meaning of screen printing briefly ?

Screen printing, also known as screen printing, refers to a process in which a screen printing plate with graphics and text is made by using a screen as a plate base and through a photosensitive plate-making method.

1. What materials can be used to make silk screen nameplate labels?

A. Aluminum, stainless steel and other metal surfaces;

B. Soft and hard PC, PET, PVC plastic parts surface;

2. What is the general thickness of silk screen custom metal name plate?

Generally 0.3mm-2.0mm

3. What are the main things that can be printed on silk screen signs?

It can print all kinds of simple or complex patterns, silk screen all kinds of text, LOGO, website and so on.

4. What process effects can silk-screen signs do?

Generally, embossed printing nameplates, brushed printing signs, anode printing signs can be made

5. What are the advantages of silk screen signs?

(1) Not limited by the size and shape of the substrate

(2) The plate making is convenient, the price is cheap, and the technology is easy to master

(3) Strong adhesion

(4) Rich colors

6. Where are screen printing signs mainly used?

Screen printing signs are mostly used as entertainment electronic musical instrument signs, furniture signs, industrial machinery signs, traffic signs, etc.

So what process are screen printing signs made of?

In order to achieve silk-screen signs that are not easy to fall off and fade, then we should do some simple treatment on the metal surface before we print on the metal.

The first is degreasing treatment, which removes the ink on the metal surface, which can increase the adhesion of the ink, increase the firmness, enhance the resistance to friction and fatigue, and make the printed ink not easy to fade.

The next step is to remove the oxide film. Since the metal is easy to form some oxide film after contacting the air, and the oxide film is easy to react with acid and alkali, resulting in poor ink adhesion, so before printing, use sulfuric acid or hydrochloric acid to prepare a dilute solution in advance. When coated on the surface of metal oxide layer, it is easy to make the oxide layer fall off and enhance the adhesion of ink printing.

After doing this, you can select a clean metal material and perform the following steps in sequence:

Preparation materials - manuscript typesetting - film output - printing - automatic product forming - full manual product forming - full inspection - packaging and transportation

Finally, a silk screen sign is completed.

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