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A small piece of stainless steel nameplate, seemingly simple, but it actually contains material selection, thickness selection, process selection, material processing, process processing, font and LOGO processing and other aspects.

Need to use cutting, stamping, embossing, forging, bending and so on; Some also use engraving, screen printing, polishing, anodic oxidation, etching and other processes; It can be said that a small sign almost covered most of the stainless steel sign processing process.


There’re various tainless steel label material , commonly used stainless steel material is: 201, 202, 301, 304, 304L, 316, 316L, 310S, 410, 430, 439, and so on, the most commonly used is 304 stainless steel material.

Surface treatment effect:

Next said the surface treatment effect of stainless steel label, there is generally mirror effect, dumbeffect, sand effect, brushing effect, mesh effect, twill effect, CD grain and other surface treatment effect. Different surface treatment effect, the complexity of the process is also different.

The core content of the sign is the pattern and font, screen printing is now a common text pattern processing, durability is better, but it will be easier to scratch and fall off. A better way to keep it durable is to etch it into oil. After etching, the fonts and patterns will feel concave and convex, and different colors can be filled in.


According to the use of different occasions, also need to choose different types of gum or installation/weld reinforcement methods such as screws, such as sign at the top of the furniture such as microwave, should choose high temperature resistant, durable and more firmly back glue, so use in the outdoor signs, are more suitable for punching to use screw to install signs.

And finally, speaking of price,

the price of the sign varies greatly because of the different material and thickness and the process

Therefore, when making signs, it is best to customize the most suitable for their own goals, at the same time, the more quantity, the more favorable price.

A seemingly simple stainless steel label is so processed out!

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