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Speaking of signage, almost everyone is familiar with it, and it is closely related to our lives.

Like the car audio nameplates, KTV audio logos, TV tags, refrigerator signs, oven badges, air conditioner signs, computer signs, etc. that we can see everywhere, we are very familiar with them.

But how to buy metal for name plates if we want to make this sign ourselves?

As a professional nameplate maker, we will show you how to choose the right metal to make a sign.

For making metal signs, there are generally these materials to choose from:

Aluminum alloy

Advantages: light weight, good ductility, good plasticity and machinability, strong electrical and thermal conductivity, and oxidation resistance, stylish and clean appearance, easy installation, high plate thickness and good flatness. It is much cheaper than stainless steel.

Stainless steel

Advantages: There is a difference between glossy and matte. It has good corrosion resistance and high hardness, and has strong anti-rust ability. It is often used in natural colors to convey a stylish and noble temperament. The price is more expensive than aluminum.

cold rolled steel

Advantages: strong plasticity and coloring adhesion, easy to bend, cut, weld, polish, easy to process, and can be used for various shapes.

After selecting the material, you need to confirm the surface effect of the sign you want, where the sign is installed, what the function is, as well as the font and pattern effect.

If you want to make a smaller car or home audio sign, then it is more recommended to choose aluminum material, and then use anodizing with spray or batch effect to make the sign. Because the aluminum material is light, it can produce a variety of different color effects, and the use of batch flowers is more high-end.

If it is made of stainless steel, first of all, the weight will be relatively heavy, and the surface effects that can be done are relatively small, at most brushed, shiny and other effects. Of course, the most important thing is that the cost will be relatively high. Therefore, in contrast, auto companies will be more inclined to use lower-cost materials to make signage with similar effects.

And if you want a more high-end, very smooth surface sign, it is recommended to use nickel sign, do electroforming, electroplating. Or stainless steel etching or brushing process, the sign fonts produced in this way are relatively smooth, especially the electroformed nickel signs, the fonts are as smooth as mirrors.

Of course, there are many choices for the craftsmanship and surface treatment effects of the signs. You can refer to and choose the effect you most want to achieve the sign making.

More, please consult we online nameplate maker for more sign making solutions. Let us, the nameplate manufacturers, to provide you with more professional signage advice.


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