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Signs are very common in our daily life. However, signs can be divided into wooden signs, plastic signs and metal signs due to the different materials they are made of. So how are signs classified?What other form does it take?Let's introduce Weihua professional metal nameplate manufacturers:

Material classification: 

1. Smooth mark: there is oil on the picture or board surface, which is very smooth.

2. Acrylic acid content labeling: use acrylic acid content as the main material on the surface of the board.

3. Luminous materials identification signs: use luminous materials identification signs (that is, we often say neon lights);

4. Electro-optical plate identification sign: use LED or luminous tube to achieve monochrome or color display effect.

5. Metal identification signs: the main material for using the metal identification signs is the board or text of the metal identification signs. If there is no specially designated board, the main carrier of the metal identification signs will be used.

Morphological classification:

1. Vertical: the whole proportion of the vertical is longer, generally used as a logo on the whole plane.

2. Ground pillar: horizontal, vertical and three-dimensional signs that mark certain fixed structures on the ground;

3. sudden shape: four sudden phenomenon appears on the wall of the building, that is, in addition to the back of the whole surface prominent, or when there are two sides of the wall, both sides are used as advertising carrier signs, such as three sides of the inverted sign.

4. Roof type: refers to the installation of a number of fixed structures on the roof of a building, and hanging or pasting a slab of live cube or illusory sign above it.The shape of the sign and the classification of the material are influenced by many factors and can be chosen according to its use.

The above is the form of the sign and material classification of the content, I hope to help you!

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