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In metal nameplate products, the proportion of aluminum nameplate, about to account for more than 90% of metal nameplate, in more than half a century, made of aluminum plate, has been enduring, its main reason lies in aluminum most have adornment effect, a lot of surface decoration process, can be applied on aluminum and play, easy to obtain a riot of colors, a variety of combination of advanced adornment layer.On the other hand, it is decided by a series of excellent properties of aluminum.

Characteristics of aluminum: In addition to the above reasons, the physical and chemical properties of aluminum are consistent with the requirements related to the application of nameplate, now follow the nameplate maker to understand.

Features of aluminum nameplate:

1. Light weight

The density of aluminum is 2.702gNaN3, compared with copper and aluminum is only one third of it, aluminum signage will not increase the weight of equipment, but also save money.

2. Easy to process

Aluminum is ductile, easy to shear, and easy to press to meet the needs of special signage processes.

3. Good corrosion resistance

A hard and dense oxide film can be formed on the surface of aluminum and its alloys.

4. Good weather resistance

Aluminum oxide film, many substances do not have a corrosive effect on it, in the industrial areas of the harsh environment and coastal areas will have excellent durability.

5. No magnetism

Aluminum non – magnetic body, aluminum signs will not produce external interference to the equipment.

6. Abundant resources

The reserves of aluminum is considerable, the annual output of aluminum products after steel, for the world’s second largest metal production.

Application of aluminum nameplate:

Has been widely used in recent years to the traffic signs, electronics, electrical appliances, machinery and equipment, air conditioning, television, liquid crystal display, navigation, automobile, automobile and motorcycle parts, electric moped, door, security doors, furniture, kitchen utensils and appliances, office supplies, sanitary ware, acoustics, bags, accessories, all kinds of wine box, tea box, moon cake packaging, gift box, and other products LOGO sign.

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Post time: Nov-14-2020