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Metal nameplate is a very common type of nameplate, which is widely used.The following nameplate manufacturer will comprehensively introduce from two aspects:

Definition and classification of metal nameplates:

Main USES of metal nameplate:

What is the metal nameplate?

Metal nameplate refers to the use of aluminum, iron, stainless steel label, titanium alloy, zinc alloy, tin, copper and other metal materials, through stamping, die casting, etching, printing, enamel, enamel, enamel, paint, drop plastic, electroplating, wire drawing and other processing methods produced by the metal label products.

Metal nameplate is one of the nameplates, widely used in electronic products, home appliances, machinery and civil products, advertising and other fields.

Classification of metal nameplates by form:

1, horizontal sign:

The whole proportion of the horizontal relatively long.The whole surface is usually used as advertising signage.It can be seen on the walls of small shops and large buildings.

2, vertical signage:

The whole scale vertical longer.The whole surface is usually used as advertising signage.

3, protruding sign:

In the wall of the building, in addition to the back of the whole face or the case of both sides of the wall are used as an advertising carrier sign.

4, column sign:

Marks in the ground on some fixed structure of the horizontal, vertical, three-dimensional sign.

5, roof sign:

Refers to some fixed structures on the roof of a building, hanging or attached to the board of the live cube or magic sign.

Metal nameplates by use:

1. Different locations:

A. Indoor signage: indoor signage, such as direction arrow signage, indoor reception signage, etc.

B. Outdoor signs: signs located in non-indoor Spaces.

2. Different purposes:

A. Commercial signage: generally refers to A signage established for commercial purposes.

B. Public sign: a sign set up in a public place to announce news to the public or to announce certain information.

3. Different USES:

A. MEDALS: collectively referred to as the honor plate.Such as "advanced collective, authorization card" and so on.

B. Navigation signs: signs used to indicate directions, matters needing attention, and reminders, such as "road signs".

C. Mechanical nameplate: a label used to identify or describe the properties of mechanical products.

What are the USES of metal signs?

Functions of nameplate:

The nameplate has the function of marking and warning. The nameplate mainly displays its function through vision.For example: text transmission, mark is symbolic, direction, suggestability and so on.

The use of metal nameplates is also different for the products produced by different processing techniques.

According to the technological materials:

electroforming nameplate, aluminum nameplate, etched nameplate, zinc alloy die-casting nameplate, etc

According to the scope of use:

automobile nameplate, equipment nameplate applied to furniture, machine, generator, burner, printing machine, etc.;Functional audio hardware metal nameplate;

According to the use of the seat:

for outdoor advertising, traffic instructions and other places of the instruction nameplate;

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