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The design concept of custom metal nameplate is the first work after the manufacturer signs the cooperation agreement with the customer.Scientific, reasonable, fashionable, standard and standardized custom metal nameplate design concept can enhance the brand image of the company and the enterprise, but also can let people close to the enterprise can see the spiritual fortress of the logo.Next, the metal nameplate manufacturer tells you that in the design concept of custom metal name plates, what to pay attention to.

the design concept of custom metal nameplate, we must pay attention to the following aspects:

Custom metal name badges

Custom metal name badges

1. Visual impact should be taken into account when designing the custom metal nameplate.

The ultimate purpose of the design of custom metal nameplates is for visual communication and information dissemination.Therefore, the concept of visual impact and main performance should be taken into account first in the re-selection of materials.For instance lumber, stone material represents natural and simple style, board of plastic of yakeli, toughened glass, aluminum, PVC can express modern, fashionable tide, novel design style.

2. Rationality should also be taken into account when selecting raw materials. 

There are some raw materials visual impact is very good, but the actual construction is difficult to install, complex structure, so it should be based on the real estate spirit fortress site situation, scientific and reasonable selection of raw materials sign.

3. The custom metal name plate can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Because its application environment is not the same, in the design concept should also pay attention to the different geographical location caused by the different climate, humidity, temperature difference and other elements.In the outdoor application, the material aging resistance and technology should be fully considered.

custom aluminum nameplate

Custom aluminum nameplate

4. Length of use should also be paid special attention to during design conception.

The application time of temporary signs is short, and ordinary raw materials can meet the needs.For example, the logo of the exhibition venue and the store is only applied for a certain period of time. The application of ordinary raw materials can also reduce the cost and not waste.Long-term application of identification card material when you need to pay attention to the service life of the application of raw materials.And to take into account the use of a long time is not easy to damage, but also be sure to ensure anti-wear, to ensure that the late application effect is not easy to deteriorate.

5. The service and maintenance costs in the later period of the mental fort should be taken into account as well as the service life.

Not only to reduce the cost for customers, but also for their future after-sales consideration.If because of the design idea, material selection is improper, resulting in frequent maintenance in the later period.On the contrary, it increases the burden of both sides, which is not worth the loss.

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Post time: Apr-20-2021